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Posted May 7, 2012 at 1:15 am

I mentioned back when I was getting my Runabout and Runamuck that they were numbers three and four of the five versions of the Tracks/Wheeljack mold I was destined to own, and here's number five.  It's Shattered Glass Tracks!  His personality is that he's Tracks, but he's evil.  He's not opposite in any way other than the heroic/evil switch.  He's still ridiculously vain.  Not the most interesting direction to go with him, but considering Tracks is generally considered a gay dude by the fandom, flipping that around could have gone unintentionally terribly wrong, so let's count our blessings.

He's in red Diaclone colors, which is what Road Rage also is, so you can repurpose this red Tracks as her.  If you want.  Maybe you should, since SG Tracks got all of 3 panels of exposure in this year's convention comic, so it's not like he left much of a mark.

Looking at my sea of Trackses, I feel sorry for Wheeljack.  Only his head didn't get used more than once!  Everyone else's head got two uses.  Maybe Hasbro or Tomy should fix that, giving me six uses of the mold.

Not sure who it should be.  I already got a Slicer.
Posted May 4, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Shattered Glass Soundwave's profile card begins, "There is no Decepticon in any universe like Soundwave."  Man, everyone always forgets Cybertron Soundwave.

As a big proponent of Recordicons in general, and Shattered Glass ones in specific, in many respects I was pretty happy to be getting a toy of SG Soundwave!  He's a fun guy!  It did bum me out when he got this particular body in the Club fiction years ago, since I'd already splurged on his original body (Sonic White MP3 Soundwave) and wasn't keen to get a replacement for it, but by 2012 he'd had this body for a while and he'd basically done all of his stuff while in it.  This body had become the character by then.  The old boxy MP3 body had become a footnote.

I do happen to be in the very tiny minority that doesn't mind the Ironhide/Ratchet body.  It doesn't bug me much that his arm transformation zigzags creases across the side of his altmode.  It results in an interesting transformation, so I'm cool with it.  The one thing that did bug me was the engineering error that kept the head from looking forward, and that was something the new Soundwave head for this toy fixed.  They just sculpted the neck at an angle so the head looks forward.  And so my potential complaint about the toy itself had been removed.

However, man, that new head didn't look so hot in photographs.  It was kind of like a hit to the gut.  I was excited about him, and the face sculpt took the air out of my sails.  I am happy to report that it doesn't look that bad in person.  Or I've grown used to it.  Either way, not a big deal, I guess.  What IS way better in person than in photos is his color scheme.  His blue is attractively electric.  ...and it appears to be entirely paint on top of otherly-colored plastic (probably black).  Which is fine, because its matte-ness is part of its appeal to me, I think.  It's an especially great white/blue color combination once you throw in the green highlights.

What's not cool is that headband.  I mean, I guess I'm glad it exists.  The headband is very important to Soundwave's visuals.  Without it, he's like Popeye without his pipe or Bugs without his carrot.  But, man, this headband does not look great.  It's very rough and there's a big line of mold flash across the entire perimeter.  And it's entirely the wrong shade of green.  Hrn.

Still, all together, I was pleasantly surprised.  Just not about the headband.  Everything else is pretty keen.
Posted May 4, 2012 at 12:15 am
Out of all of this year's BotCon toys, Shattered Glass Straxus was the only one I got to find out about at the convention itself.  All the others were leaked via lists or stolen samples, and the identity of SG Longarm was revealed officially the Wednesday morning before I left for the con. And so in a really oldschool way, I got to find out what a BotCon toy was when I arrived, like it was 1998 or something up in this shiz!

SG Straxus was the "attendee freebie," meaning if you buy the immense box set and arrive at the convention to pick it up like you're supposed to, you get a free extra guy.  If you buy the set and don't attend, no dice.  I was kind of surprised to learn that the freebie was a mold not seen elsewhere in the set!  The freebie tends to be something else used elsewhere but redecoed, like one of the guys with a new head so they get a second use out of the new head.  No, this was a mold unique to the set!  Sweetness.

If you've been reading my website for any amount of time, you know my fondness for Straxus.  He was a comic book-only character for decades until he finally got toy-ified in 2010.  I'm happy, then, that he gets a toy of his mirrorverse self.  I kind of feel like it legitimizes him more.  He's an increasingly important guy!  And while this weekend was the first time we heard about his SG figure, we were introduced to the idea of an SG Straxus in the various SG prose stories long ago.  And so it's also nice to have a toy of that guy.  All we knew about him was that he was a poet, which is, as you'd imagine, the opposite of his "normal" self, which was a megalomaniacal despot.  So, woo, poet Transformer toy!   With a battle pick axe!

The colors on this guy are the icing on the cake.  See, long ago Germany published some KIND OF REALLY BAD versions of the original Marvel Comics.  Their covers were on crack, full of art swipes and insane color choices.  And one of these insane color choices/art swipes was the floating head of Straxus decked out in gold, black, and bright green.

You can connect the dots.

We're running out of wacky things to reference, guys.

I'm pretty happy.
Posted May 2, 2012 at 10:20 pm

I might as well lump the other two uses of the Jazz mold here in one post.

Little motorcycle guy not included.

The first, Shattered Glass Treadshot, I talked about a little already when the toy was first revealed.  He's an homage to a 2004 Treadshot toy which was pitted against an Ultra Magnus toy.  That Treadshot was a maroon redeco of Armada Sideswipe, and true to Shattered Glass's oft-repeated theme of rivals in each other's color schemes, this Treadshot is in Armada Sideswipe's colors.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the fact that this BotCon toy is not only an Armada homage but, as he's a Treadshot paired off against an Ultra Magnus, also an homage to a 2004 Universe box set.  This is insane.

I like to think that this Treadshot IS that Treadshot, and that they are the same dude, and so I tried to find a way to get this Treadshot to interact with that Treadshot's Mini-Con partner, Nightbeat.  Treadshot has no Powerlinx connectors, and so I thought I was stuck with just balancing Nightbeat's motorcyle mode on his back or something.  But then I remembered Treadshot's speakers combine with his rifle to make a larger gun, and thought I could do something with that.  And I did.  And it sort of works.  I call it "The Chopper."

This is not what he looks like in person.

Treadshot was in the preregistration box set, but the other use of the Jazz mold was one of the at-show toys.  It was Kick-Off, and he's an Action Master!  BotCon has given us one Action Master recreation every year since 2009, and this is something I never complain about.  And I certainly wouldn't complain about Kick-Off!  I mean, I don't have a lot of feelings for Kick-Off in general, but this toy of him is amaaaaaazing.  And also frustrating.  Amazingly frustrating.  Let me tell you why.

He has florescent orange.  Or blacklight orange.  Whatever you want to call it.  That stripe that runs down the middle of his car mode is painted florescent orange.  And it is SO FRICKING BEAUTIFUL.  But it won't photograph.  I don't think RGB can do florescent.  And if it can, I sure can't figure out how.  This means when I try to share him with you via photography, he instead turns out looking kinda dreary.  But it is FANTASTIC, YOU GUYS, BELIEVE ME.

The limitations of RGB imagery fill me with impotent rage.

His forearms and weapons are molded in a bright orange I like to call "Action Master orange."  Lots of Action Masters got stuff molded or painted in this color, like Optimus Prime's detailing and weapons and Shockwave's accent colors.  It was the early 90s, after all.  If my childhood nostalgia could be embodied in a specific color, Action Master orange would be it.   And so with the florescent orange and the Action Master orange are coupled with black and white and a little red, it results in a crazy-awesome toy.

But one I can't photograph accurately, god dammit.

I am sitting here all grrrrrrrrrr.
Posted May 1, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Apparently there were going to be more Jazzes than even I realized.

This was the second year I've attended the BotCon customization class.  Last year I got to make Animated Minerva, and I had fun, so I did my best to sign up this year, too, and somehow succeeded.  It's pretty difficult to get in!  There are very limited seats and they basically sell out between when the prereg form goes live and its announcement on Twitter.  God must be rewarding me for my general apathy towards Him.

Same as last year, we were given an unassembled toy still on the tree, with all the screws and bolts and pins necessary to put him together.  What's not same as last year is the level of difficulty involved.  Animated Minerva was pretty straightforward.  Jazz, meanwhile, is way more complicated.  He's got SPRINGS, man!  And large bolts that go through the entirety of his torso, requiring a dremel.  Certain things were wisely deemed too difficult for novices and were left to a small group of extremely patient helpers.  The first day, I've heard, was grueling.  The kits sent from Asia were constructed differently than the samples sent earlier, necessitating some reorchestrating of its assembly.  By the second day, when I was there, most of these things were ironed out.  I had an excellent time, despite the more difficult assembly.   It took me about seven hours from start to finish.  (Apparently some folks from Day One required upwards of twelve.)

Longarm began as a simple Classics Shockwave idea.  He was given a new head and a gun arm, constructed at home by the class's perennial organizer, Shawn Tessman, which completed the transformation from Purple Jazz to Alternators Shockblast homage.  The kit still came with the original head and hand, of course, because it's all on the original sprues, so this toy was given a secondary identity, that of Shattered Glass Longarm.  If you recall from Transformers Animated, Shockwave infiltrated the Autobots under the Longarm identity, and a similar thing was happening here.  There does seem to be some conflict between Shawn and the other BotCon folks on what specific Shockwave this guy represents, whether it be the Marvelverse one or Shattered Glass.  The included profile strongly suggests Marvelverse, but that'll likely be decided more definitively in any future fictional appearances he might make.

My only regret is that I had to take pictures of this guy for TFwiki, meaning I couldn't use the provided orange paint to do this guy up in Action Master colors.  That would have been sweet.
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Posted April 13, 2012 at 11:53 pm
My friend Graham wants newer toys more than he wants his Shattered Glass stuff, and so he's auctioning them off.  And these Shattered Glass things are pretty hard to come by!  They are very popular!  And so I am submitting to you, my readership, that if you ever wanted to buy some 2008 Shattered Glass stuff, potentially to go with your imminent 2012 Shattered Glass stuff, you should bid on these auctions.

One of the auctions includes Shattered Glass Megatron, which is one of my most favoritest BotCon toys ever. I know popular opinion places his pack-in mate SG Rodimus as more appealing, but COME ON YOU GUYS, LET'S HEAR IT FOR EARLY MARVEL HEAD MEGATRON.


Yeah, I took the photos.  It hurts a little to be an accomplice to someone losing his really awesome SG Megatron, but if one of you folks buys it, then at least I know it's going to a happy home.
Posted March 3, 2012 at 12:42 am
The second Transformers Collectors' Club exclusive this year was Shattered Glass Drift.  I was not expecting him to sell out nearly as fast as Runabout, but he sure did.  I mean, he's Drift, who most folks seem to hate, and he's Shattered Glass, which is kind of a marginalized universe.  Folks like their a) G1 characters who they b) remember from their childhoods, and Drift was neither of those things.  Yet he went in a couple of days.

It's possible it's because his toy kicks that much ass.  It really does.  Despite your feelings on the character, the toy itself is amazing.  It has all these swords and they can stow everywhere and everything about it feels top notch.  SG Drift even comes with extra weapons, the pair of smaller guns that his retool, Blurr, came with.  They can't fit in the hip storage in the Drift version of the mold, but there they are just the same.

(Some Drifts were packed with two of the same gun rather than one of the "right" guns and one of the "left" guns.  It doesn't really matter if you have a mismatched pair since it's not the Blurr version of the mold, 'cuz there's no large gun for them to attach to and no way to store them, but that's a problem some folks have noticed.  I got a correct set of small guns.)

Drift's colors are striking, but I think I'd find them more striking if he didn't arrive in the same shipment as Runabout, who's also red and black.  Red and black are pretty safe colors to use.  I wish they'd been a little more bold with them.

I also wish they'd been a little less weird with the symbol they put on his hood.  Apparently it's a character that can mean "decided," in that "your fate is already decided," in that "he has already killed you."  They only arrived at this character after wanting to put a character that means "a doom" on his hood, but that didn't exist, and so apparently "decided" was the closest match?  I don't know.  It's just... I dunno.

He also has Arashikage stripes on each of his swords.  You know.  Snake-Eyes stuff.  Huh.

But what really attracts me to him is his function.  I couldn't care less if he's supposed to be "Transformers Deadpool" or not.  I just like that his job is hunting down folks who cross universes.  If you've been paying attention to this blog for any amount of time, you know I'm big into Transformers multiversal stuff.  And so I imagine he's probably out there looking for Cliffjumper, who's a G1 guy stuck in the Shattered Glass universe.  And probably also now SG Ravage, who we know because of certain comics drawn by certain people has been to a Marvel Comics universe, is on his list.  And judging by this year's BotCon box set theme, imminently a buttload of other folks as well!

Yay, more guys for SG Ravage to play with.  And/or avoid being assassinated by.
Posted January 22, 2012 at 10:19 pm
I suppose I should talk about those last two BotCon 2012 exclusive reveals.

One of them was Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus.  He doesn't excite me too much.  I do like that he has a translucent skull for a face, but the Diaclone Magnus colors don't look very striking to me.  He may be my least favorite of the six.  It is nice that we get to own the yet-to-be-used-in-retail alternate head for the toy.

The second was Metalhawk.  He was a Japan-only Pretender dude, and so under most circumstances he wouldn't be very high on my AW YEAH list.  However, BotCon knew exactly how to draw me in.  They not only did a toy of his Pretender shell mode instead of his robot, but they actually gave him a human face.  That's something Transformers proper hasn't seen since the late 80s.  It's also something you'd never see at retail these days, so it makes a perfect BotCon exclusive idea.  It's definitely a "you are a hardcore Transformers fan" thing.  It in particular calls back to the Mega Pretenders, who had shells that transformed into vehicles.  Some were random monsters, like Thunderwing, but some were humans!  Seems like Metalhawk gets to join their ranks.
Posted January 5, 2012 at 9:53 pm
I have two to talk about today!  I didn't write up a post for SG Soundwave, since he kind of bugged me.  Conceptually I'd been looking forward to him more than most, if only because I want an up-to-date pal for my SG Ravage, but his execution left me cold.  The head looked off to me, plus the idea that you have to buy his trademark headband separately sounds like an actual strawman scenario someone would cook up to malign Fun Publications.  There may be very good reasons for it, but there's still this nasty taste in my mouth.

Today's SG Treadshot reveal makes up for it.  My favorite things in every BotCon set tend to be the absolutely insane toy nobody else would have thought of or asked for in a million years.  Treadshot is this toy.  Waaaaaay back when, there was a toy in Armada called Side Swipe.  It was a very terrible-looking toy.  It remains a punchline amongst Transformers fans.  And because Hasbro loves us very much, they redecoed it not once but twice, and just barely.  They changed the blue once to maroon and once to purple.  These were not desired figures.

But the maroon one's name was Treadshot.

I have no idea what the thought process was that led FP to creating this figure, but Shattered Glass Treadshot is colored like Armada Side Swipe but with Treadshot's hood stripe.  It uses the Jazz mold's alternate head which hasn't been used yet at retail.  And it's pretty damn glorious.  I don't know why it exists, but now that it does I am super glad.  It is craaaaaaazy.  It makes the whole BotCon charade feel less cynical.

(Plus there's this part not-so-deep inside of me that wants to believe that the original Universe Treadshot and this SG Treadshot are the exact same dude.  Universe Treadshot was from a random, unspecified universe, and he was packaged versus an unspecified Ultra Magnus who seemed like kind of a tool.  Plus his symbol was the same maroon as the rest of him, making it neeearly SG Decepticon red.  Their stories could easily sync up.  It would delight me to no end to find out this 2003 Universe guy was from the Shattered Glass universe all along.)
Posted December 30, 2011 at 8:03 pm
Today's BotCon 2012 toy reveal was Shattered Glass Tracks, an evil Autobot.  He's last year's Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks toy in red, black, and blue, so you can also use him as Road Rage if you don't care for that whole mirrorverse deal.  (If you want to read about the origin and history of the red Tracks that would become Road Rage, here's a good page for it.)

There's not a whole lot to say about the BotCon toy.  It's a pretty straightforward redeco.  It looks like a red Tracks, which is the point, and a goal that's kind of hard to miss.  It's not like Tuesday's Overlord, over which one could argue mold use and head sculpting and color layouts.  This is straight up an existing variant Tracks color scheme put onto a newer Tracks toy.

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