Shortpacked! is a webcomic about people who work in a toy store and tell jokes about Batman. The strip been around since 2005 and is a (very) loose sequel to another webcomic.

Shortpacked! updates Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Quick FAQ for commenting:

1) Be nice to other people. You don’t have to agree with them, but don’t call them morons. Thankfully, this happens very very rarely because this isn’t YouTube, but I think I should establish this as a ground rule, regardless.

2) Don’t post insults anonymously, like from “anonymous@gmail.com,” “name@aol.com,” or “xxx@xxx.com.” I’ll delete those. If you’re going to be a jerk, at least put your name on it.

3) Don’t make “First!” posts. Those also get deleted! Don’t post to be first, post because you have something to say.

4) Yes, Ethan’s hair is graying. And every time someone says he’s too young for it to happen, folks who went gray at 16 will curse your Colored Hair Privilege.

5) If I do an unfavorable review of a toy, don’t respond with an obnoxious “I’ll take that toy off your hands if you don’t want it” post. That makes you a tool.

6) I love all of you. Well, except that guy. You know who you are.