Posted May 4, 2012 at 12:15 am
Out of all of this year's BotCon toys, Shattered Glass Straxus was the only one I got to find out about at the convention itself.  All the others were leaked via lists or stolen samples, and the identity of SG Longarm was revealed officially the Wednesday morning before I left for the con. And so in a really oldschool way, I got to find out what a BotCon toy was when I arrived, like it was 1998 or something up in this shiz!

SG Straxus was the "attendee freebie," meaning if you buy the immense box set and arrive at the convention to pick it up like you're supposed to, you get a free extra guy.  If you buy the set and don't attend, no dice.  I was kind of surprised to learn that the freebie was a mold not seen elsewhere in the set!  The freebie tends to be something else used elsewhere but redecoed, like one of the guys with a new head so they get a second use out of the new head.  No, this was a mold unique to the set!  Sweetness.

If you've been reading my website for any amount of time, you know my fondness for Straxus.  He was a comic book-only character for decades until he finally got toy-ified in 2010.  I'm happy, then, that he gets a toy of his mirrorverse self.  I kind of feel like it legitimizes him more.  He's an increasingly important guy!  And while this weekend was the first time we heard about his SG figure, we were introduced to the idea of an SG Straxus in the various SG prose stories long ago.  And so it's also nice to have a toy of that guy.  All we knew about him was that he was a poet, which is, as you'd imagine, the opposite of his "normal" self, which was a megalomaniacal despot.  So, woo, poet Transformer toy!   With a battle pick axe!

The colors on this guy are the icing on the cake.  See, long ago Germany published some KIND OF REALLY BAD versions of the original Marvel Comics.  Their covers were on crack, full of art swipes and insane color choices.  And one of these insane color choices/art swipes was the floating head of Straxus decked out in gold, black, and bright green.

You can connect the dots.

We're running out of wacky things to reference, guys.

I'm pretty happy.