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Posted April 10, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Don't forget, Shortpacked! Book 4 is still up for preorder!  It's still $1k short of our preorder goal.  If that goal isn't made, neither are the books!  Meanwhile, I'm still plowing through the nitty gritty of Book 4's creation, and it's going to be huge.  I mean, I said it was gonna be 200 pages, but 200 pages covers a lot of ground!  That's almost a whole year of strips.  (And it would be, if not for the additional content, such as the TNI strips.)

Also, oh, right, that Ethan statue is also still up for preorder.  Not to be confused with certain other statues.

Posted November 29, 2010 at 2:15 am

(The Singularikitty is the horrific offspring of Choo-Choo Bear of Something*Positive and Sprinkles of Girls With Slingshots.)

So, dudes, you folks with Transformers Collectors' Clubs memberships,  you should be starting to receive your magazines!  And you know what that means, another installment of my Recordicons comic strip.  This time, we see Ravage remember the Transformers' greatest battle on Earth.

(Yes, I realize that the second link doesn't go nowhere.  I'm being passive-aggressive.)

Posted May 3, 2010 at 2:01 am
Hey, everyone, I'm back!  Penguicon was great!  My next con is in two weeks in New Jersey, at WildPig with Randy Milholland (Something*Positive), Daniel Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots) and others!  Mark your calendars.

Check me out in my mini-booth, looking like I've just gotten up and eaten 30 bagels.  How do I find the time to both collect toys and eat so much?  Hmm.

The "Relationshipocalypse" storyline is over, and I hope everyone enjoyed it!  Lord, I love writing Amber and Mike like nothing else, and from the things people were telling me at Penguicon, I'm not alone in being enthralled by their twisted little romance.

Here's the way April 9th's comic originally ended.  I thought Amber'd been a little too naked recently at her expense, so I redrew the last panel at a different angle.  Also, I figgered it'd be funnier if we didn't actually see her and Mike in the act.  The mind can come up with way more compromising positions than my PG-13(ish) strip is allowed to portray, so...

Plus I got that extra little punchline!
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