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Posted August 4, 2011 at 12:44 am
I will allow Drake back if necessary.

I was surprised I ended up liking Damian Wayne so much.  "The bratty son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Head" isn't really a character pitch that grabbed me.  But after these past few years he's really grown on me.

Part of that, though, I insist, is because he isn't paired with Bruce Wayne as Batman.  Batman's cranky, Damian's cranky... it's not a very diverse duo.  But when Dick Grayson is Batman, that's where I saw how Damian Wayne worked as a character.  Dick Grayson's a happier, more social Batman.  That's a good foil for Damian, the little brat with a (very buried) heart of gold.  But Dick doesn't get to be Batman anymore, and after the Flashpoint reboot, Bruce is going to be Batman to Damian's Robin.  It's nice that Damian's staying around, but I think pairing him with his dad sort of misses the point.  I hope I'm proved wrong.

But seriously, where's my damn Dick Grayson Batman toy?  I am kind of annoyed.  Instead, this DC Direct Damian Wayne comes in a wave with back-from-the-dead Bruce.  Dick is totally skipped over!  Grargh.   I snatched up Damian anyway, though, not only for myself, but because my wife thinks he's great.  Only with Dick, of course.

The toy is a standard DC Direct figure.  There's some minor articulation, a stand, and some accessories.  Damian looks a little older than 11, though.  I kind of wish he had an alternate head possibility with his hood over his head.  I kind of like the hood over his head.

Anyway, in conclusion, this is required reading.
Posted April 18, 2010 at 2:16 am
Yay, I remembered to bring my camera cord back with me.  And my camera!  (That also helps.)  So have some pix.

Book of Biff and I share a booth! Our Friday iteration of it, before we made some small Saturday changes.

JOSH THE SUPERFAN (as we call him) commissioned this art of Guy Gardner, Robin, and Superboy going cowtipping.

I was asked to autograph this C2E2 program, so I made Flash into Batman.

Don't talk too much at the Topatoco booth, or Jeffrey Rowland will duct tape your mouth shut.

Saturday's stuff I'll put up tomorrow!  Think of today as Friday night, but 24 hours later because I was stupid.

Sneak preview: KFC Double Down.  Mouth-pooping.
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