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Posted August 31, 2012 at 2:02 am
So, uh, hey, looks like e-Hobby is doing Shattered Glass stuff!  SG Soundwave (redeco of original Soundwave instead of being an SUV) with SG Batbot (Ratbat) and Slugfest versus SG Blaster with SG Rewind, Eject, and Ramhorn.

Batbot's the only guy in which I've had a personal hand in creating the character, so it's kind of surreal to see if he's gonna get a toy.  But I'd also be happy to get Slugfest and Blaster (who've made appearances outside Recordicons) and Eject, Ramhorn, and Rewind, who are new.

But seriously.  Potential  Batbot toy.


Posted April 15, 2012 at 5:20 pm
Garboil and friends

I've decided I want to fill in some of the holes in my Recordicon army.  I have a lot of the little cassette dudes, and I'm not too many from having all the guys I could reasonably have.  (That is, everyone except the Japanese-exclusive dinosaur tape dudes.)  If anybody should have a bunch of Recordicons, it should be the guy who writes Recordicons, right?

I went to the Columbus Toy & Collectible Show today mostly to see my buddy Ron and chat with Pete Sinclair and because it's a friggin' toy show, but I also had an eye out for random Recordicons I didn't have yet but wouldn't be too unrealistic to see, like ... *checks which one is the black one*Rewind or Slugfest.

Howlback and friends

I did stumble across a meh-looking vintage Rewind and Slugfest, but what I was super happy to find were the Cobalt Sentries, Garboil and Howlback, and for a pretty good price.  So damn yes, I have the Cobalt Sentries!  And they also, pleasingly enough, compete my army of jaguars and condors, as my photos reveal.  I thought I'd have to find them at BotCon, but I'm glad I found them here because that's one less thing I have to squeeze into my suitcase.

Man, seriously, I will never be able to remember which is Rewind and which is Eject, I swear.  I feel like I should know this by now.
Posted January 30, 2012 at 1:32 pm
You get the white one with your membership and you buy the black one (and the box) separately.

This year's "get free with your membership" toy is Runamuck, and the Beavis to Runamuck's Butthead, Runabout, is one of this year's Transformers Club "you pay for this one" exclusives.  Runabout (renamed "Over-Run" because of trademark reasons) is gonna be on sale very soon!  And the sweet part is, Runabout comes with a box that fits both him and Runamuck, since the freeish Runamuck is a bagged exclusive.

My favorite of the two is Runamuck, the membership-included one.  The orange and white and gold makes me happy.  Runabout intrigues me less, since  he's black and red, which isn't as uncommon a color scheme, but you can't have one without the other.

So if you want the Battlechargers, I'd sign up for the Club to get Runabout and then keep your eyes on the web for Runabout/Over-Run to go up for order.  I'm pretty excited for them.  And for their box art!  It's Marvel-tastic!

Oh, and I guess there's a Shattered Glass Drift going up for order, too.   If you like both, uh, Drift and Deadpool, you'll like SG Drift.

One more thing: With your Club membership, you get a Recordicons strip by me in all six issues of the magazine.  I may show off a sweet panel from the first strip tomorrow or the next day.  I am super excited about it. Actually, my copy of the magazine just arrived, so I'm gonna blather about it now.


Simon Furman's not the only guy revisiting a branch of the original Marvel Transformers universe this year, 'cuz BotCon (and Shattered Glass) are Marvel-bound this year as well!  This gives me the opportunity to feature all sorts of new little tape dudes I didn't previously have access to.  And so in the first Recordicons of the year, I pit Ravage against Ravage.  And in subsequent installments, I have some similar ideas I plan to attend to.

Anyway, I'm just super stoked, because I just wrote my first canon-for-thea-Marvel-Comics-continuity bit of fiction.  That old stuff was my best friend when I was a kid.  I am not joking.

So, dudes, if you want a year of Collectors' Club magazines featuring my Recordicons strips, plus the Runamuck toy included in the subscription price, that'd be pretty swell.  If you dig Transformers, I recommend it!  Here's the website.

Remember, the one with the "b" in the name is the black one.  ...except for in this case, because Runabout's name is now Over-Run.  Dammit, FP, you broke my mnemonic device!
Posted August 1, 2011 at 7:19 pm
Maybe if he had boobs.

I have been slow in mailing out orders to people who ordered from my store these past few weeks.  I apologize!  I need to get back in the game.  Speaking of which, the "Moving Sale" will probably end soon, what with me not moving any more!  Hop on those sales before they go away.

Preorders for the Ethan statue are over.  Those will be shipped out soon.  I didn't receive a lot of orders for this guy versus the other statues, so I'm gonna have to re-evaluate whether I should continue designing more of them.  Maybe I'll see if statues for Dumbing of Age are met with more interest?  We'll see.  Regardless, I'm super excited to receive my Ethans!

Moving has put a huge damper on getting Book 4 printed, what with my address being in flux and all.  But with things settled, that should move forward now.  I also still need to send out some of the original pages and whatnot for those who donated above-and-beyond.  Yay, moving!  You are not good for my job.

He knows a lot about history.

Threadsafe has posted some photos of my new t-shirts on their Facebook page.  The "Honor" shirt looks really great!  I might have to get one for myself.

A while ago I did a guest strip for Questionable Content, which turns 8 years old today!  It was a guest strip about butts. And today I have a guest strip over at Real Life, which I drew several weeks ago in anticipation for the birth of the Deans' baby girl!  It is a guest strip about horrible birth defects.

And finally (I think) in the new Transformers Collectors' Club magazine, there's a new Recordicons from me.  It stars Ravage.  And Ravage.
Posted November 29, 2010 at 2:15 am

(The Singularikitty is the horrific offspring of Choo-Choo Bear of Something*Positive and Sprinkles of Girls With Slingshots.)

So, dudes, you folks with Transformers Collectors' Clubs memberships,  you should be starting to receive your magazines!  And you know what that means, another installment of my Recordicons comic strip.  This time, we see Ravage remember the Transformers' greatest battle on Earth.

(Yes, I realize that the second link doesn't go nowhere.  I'm being passive-aggressive.)

Posted July 28, 2010 at 2:50 am
Hey, dudes!  Those of you who are members of the Transformers Collectors' Club, I've got some nifty news for you.  Starting with the very next issue of the magazine, which should start arriving in mailboxes soon, there is a new ongoing comic strip feature by me!  It's titled "Recordicons" and features Shattered Glass Ravage and his cassette tape brethren.

It is absolutely adorable.

I'm serious.
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