Posted April 15, 2012 at 5:20 pm
Garboil and friends

I've decided I want to fill in some of the holes in my Recordicon army.  I have a lot of the little cassette dudes, and I'm not too many from having all the guys I could reasonably have.  (That is, everyone except the Japanese-exclusive dinosaur tape dudes.)  If anybody should have a bunch of Recordicons, it should be the guy who writes Recordicons, right?

I went to the Columbus Toy & Collectible Show today mostly to see my buddy Ron and chat with Pete Sinclair and because it's a friggin' toy show, but I also had an eye out for random Recordicons I didn't have yet but wouldn't be too unrealistic to see, like ... *checks which one is the black one*Rewind or Slugfest.

Howlback and friends

I did stumble across a meh-looking vintage Rewind and Slugfest, but what I was super happy to find were the Cobalt Sentries, Garboil and Howlback, and for a pretty good price.  So damn yes, I have the Cobalt Sentries!  And they also, pleasingly enough, compete my army of jaguars and condors, as my photos reveal.  I thought I'd have to find them at BotCon, but I'm glad I found them here because that's one less thing I have to squeeze into my suitcase.

Man, seriously, I will never be able to remember which is Rewind and which is Eject, I swear.  I feel like I should know this by now.