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Posted February 26, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I was pretty damn satisfied with my 2006 Classics Megatron.  He was gray and black and green and orange and purple and he transformed into a motherfuckin' Nerf gun.  The green and orange and purple was really only there to help him pass toy gun regulations, but it really made me love him.  Plus, you know, Nerf gun.  Bonus.  

And so when we were first introduced to the new, bigger Leader Class Megatron, I was initially a little meh.  The new toy was in classic colors, meaning the purple and orange and green were gone, and he was back to being silver and black and red.  Silver and black and red are fine colors, it's just, y'know, not as interesting to me.  Plus the toy fell into the body proportion aesthetic a lot of the new Transformers team's stuff seemed to find itself in -- wide body with thin legs.  It's a good set of proportions for Animated Batman, but I prefer my bots to be more stompy.  

But, well, Stuff is happening in the comics.  Megatron's an Autobot now.  He's joined the cast of my favorite Transformers fiction, and it's phenomenal.  And this new Leader Class Megatron toy would include a change of Autobot faction stickers to represent that development.  Suddenly the toy became Lost Light Megatron, and I had to have it.  Sure, the rest of him's not specifically designed after the body he has in the comics now -- it's more of a generic "G1 Megatron as a silver tank" thing -- but it's close enough and that's its official intent and that's how my brain works.  Plus he's a big enough toy to actually fit in with my Lost Light display.  Slapping an Autobot symbol on my Classics Megatron would result in a guy who stands eye-to-eye with my Rodimus and Brainstorm, and that just won't do.  

Original misgivings aside, he's a great toy in person.  His skinny legs aren't bothersome when he's actually in front of you in 3D, and they ratchet to and fro with satisfying clicks.  Plus his legs are shaped that way to accommodate his real working rubber treads.  He's got a set of real working rubber treads on his back and a set in his legs.  They don't combine into one single pair of working treads in tank mode, but that's fine.  

That the toy is mostly covered in silver paint also helps.  He's this giant shiny attractive thing, and there aren't huge spots of unpaintable nylon plastic breaking up his silver like some metallic-painted Transformers have.  Sure, there are a handful of unpainted silver spots, but they're not conspicuous or incongruous.  Despite not having purple or green, he's an attractive chunk of plastic.  He does have some orange detail, though.  I'm sure it helps.

In tank mode he's got a rotating turret... if you leave him half-transformed.  The proper instructions have you close his pelvis onto the back of the turret, locking it in place, but if you don't connect that piece,  he's engineered so that the whole turret rotates.  He's got springloaded missile launcher in his barrel/arm cannon, and also both of his secondary tank weapons combine into a longer rifile for him to carry in robot mode.  When you lift up his chestplate during transformation, there's a sculpted spark casing under there, with details borrowed from its appearance in Beast Wars.  

This toy is also available in Armada Megatron flavor, if you so choose.  That version has a new head (with the antlers) and is mostly green, gray, purple, and florescent orange instead of mostly silver and black.  But that dude isn't in my comics and I like my original one better, with the real working wrist-shiv deployment, so screw it.  

The only huge disappointment with this guy is the sticker sheet.  Sure, I like the Autobot logos, and they work well enough on him, but Hasbro also put his original toy's chest deco on there.  You know, the little swirly loops that look like chest hair.  The problem is, they printed them on a white background, like his symbols, instead of a clear background, so they look pretty terrible on his chest.  Reprolabels better solve this one for us.  I need those chest swirlies.  I'll keep the real swirlie stickers on him until then, because my love for the chest swirlies slightly edges out how terrible I think these stickers look.  

Posted September 3, 2013 at 6:00 pm

His real name is "Sharkticon Megatron," but I just like calling him Fish Megatron.  FISH MEGATRON!  WITH HIS TARTARSAUCE SWORD.

Tartarex Sword?  Whatever.

Beast Hunters gave us a bunch of extensively-remolded guys I already had as crazy-armored beasty versions of themselves, and while that appeals to me on a toyetic level, I didn't want to end up with a double set of the cast.  But some of these guys I just couldn't resist.  Like Fish Megatron here.  

I mean, look at him.

He's fantastic.

I'm also happy to report that his plastic tolerances feel a little more satisfying and he clicks together more securely than the original version.  If you don't care that Megatron doesn't look like this on the teevee show, this is an objectively better toy.  

He does have big fins on his arms, which means his usually-arm-mounted cannon has a longer connection peg so it reaches past them, but that's not what you want to do with the weapon.  You want to transform it into the monstrous sword mode.  You really do.  It completes him.  Screw arm cannons.  Giant heavy fish sword, dudes.



Posted August 27, 2013 at 10:01 pm

Part of me wanted to just drop that blog post title bomb, throw these photos at you, and then back away slowly before running away in shame.  But no, I guess I'll actually, like, do my job and talk about these guys a little.

Man, Megatron Origin.  There was a point in time in IDW's recent history where the powers that be were like, "hey, would anybody care if we ignored this?"  Megatron Origin is one of those.  For a long while it was this isolated piece of weirdness buried deep in the IDW continuity's past.  I'm not sure where it went wrong, whether it was the story, the art, the coloring, or a perfect storm combination of all three.  It was really hard to tell what was going on in that miniseries, artwise, and when you got through the gray art down to the story, maybe it was for the best?  

Artwise, though, those folks have gone on to do some really awesome things very well.  Alex Milne is now the the very readable penciler of More Than Meets The Eye, and Josh Perez is now the very readable colorist for Robots in Disguise.  Those two are now seriously among my favorite creative people.  Eric Holmes hasn't written anything Transformers since, so who knows if today he'd likewise be amazing. 

So I'm just gonna blame Megatron Origin, the entity.  Maybe it was cursed.  The story was repurposed from an abandoned Dreamwave idea, so maybe reanimating the story for IDW was akin to building over sacred burial ground, with like Pat Lee ghosts seeping up into the story's foundation and haunting the shit out of it and also probably not paying anyone.   Either way, I believe we shouldn't let its memories soil the talented people involved.  

Regardless, here are these two Megatron Origin toys.  The first is a retool of Generations Scourge with a new head as Senator Ratbat.  It's a Japanese release, so I'll forgive it for not having a "REPUBLIC SENATOR!!!" call-out starburst on the front of the packaging.  In Megatron Origin, Ratbat was a pre-war Senator with like a real humanoid body and everything, and he wore a bat-head-shaped helmet on his head.  And then at the end SPOILERS Soundwave extracts his spark and shoves it into this tiny bat Recordicon body and there you go.  This toy does its best to replicate that first body by translating Senator Ratbat's color scheme onto Generations Scourge's toy.  It does a pretty good job.  Like the other Japanese Generations toys, he's in shiny plastic and shiny paint.  This would visually clash with my other Generations toys in usual circumstances, but this is a Senator, so I'll let him be exceptionally shiny.  

The tiny Megatron is an entirely new Legends Class toy of Megatron in his original miner body, when he was a revolutionary for social reform before he got a taste for violence that drove him evil.  And so he's got the hazard stripes painted on him that he and his fellow miners had.  He's a pretty amazing Legion Class toy, considering some of the others!  His turret can rotate all the way around, and his head turns.  Both of those are kind of crazy for a toy his size.  He transforms from robot to tank by folding his arms in front of him to form the turret and then opening up his legs so they can fit around the rest of him to form a shell.  

He also comes with a tiny Chop Shop, but I don't know where he is now.  I need to clean up the office.

Megatron is available in American stores now.  Ratbat is available in Japanese stores as of a few months ago.

Posted August 25, 2013 at 12:00 am

Man, I still have a huge-ass backlog of toys from BotCon and SDCC which I haven't talked about.  I remember when weekend updates were unlocked during the Dumbing of Age Kickstarter, and folks worried I wouldn't have time left to do comics.  Oh, I'll have time to do comics!  Just... other non-comic things fall through the cracks, is all.  Like toy reviews.  And so let's try to put a dent in this backlog.

One thing I really really need to talk about is this customized BWX Megatron.  Cheetimus painted one up to look like Transmetal Megatron, which is basically the one thing this universe is sorely missing.  And I know I talk a big game about Dinobot and Ratchet and Hot Shot, but I assure you that Beast Wars Megatron is, in fact, my favorite Transformers character of all time.  And that his Transmetal form is my favorite iteration of him, though I think I like his BWX toy the best.

So obviously, the BWX toy painted up in is Transmetal colors just might be the best thing possible.

My decision was made for me, and now he is mine.  

I bet if you wanted one, too, you could commission one from Cheets.

Posted August 4, 2013 at 9:16 pm
I tell you what, I did not care a lot about Megatron's new stealth bomber body when it was introduced in IDW's first ongoing Transformers title.  I mean, I didn't hate it.  It just kind of existed.  It was  undoubtedly a thing, just not a thing I gave a lot of thought about.  And it had a big M on his forehead, which I'm not sure if I love or hate for its goofiness.

But then Hasbro decided not only to make a toy of it, but to also commission of comics about the toys they were making to include in the packaging.  And so we got this amazing comic book both written and illustrated by Nick Roche.  I wish Nick Roche would write more.  Hell, I wish he would draw more.  .... while he writes.  He also both wrote and drew Spotlight: Kup, which is another fantastic Transformers story, easily one of the best.  The connect between what the story wants to do and what it actually does is strong.  Not an inch is wasted.

You might roll your eyes at a "Spotlight: Megatron" issue because, yeah, oh boy, FINALLY, there's gonna be a focus on Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, ABOUT TIME, but the comic book lives up to and exceeds your expectations.  We see Megatron returning to life in a new body amidst his crumbling army, and we see how we begins to build that army back up again.  He has a way of things, a formula, and center to that formula is Starscream.  However, Starscream's as much in shambles as the rest of the Decepticons, and so Megatron literally spends the issue beating Starscream back into his usual self again.  And Jesus God, is it slashy, and not in a kind way.  By issue's end, you have a perfect idea of how Megatron's brain works.  It's brutal, but amazingly executed.

ANYWAY NOW I CARE A BUNCH ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR MEGATRON BODY I GUESS.  Thanks, comic.  Stupid excellent storytelling.

Stealth Megatron is a Deluxe.  This means he's on the small size for towering over much of your collection as he should, but there's a Starscream who's arriving on pegs at the same time who is just about the right size relative to him.  Legends Starscream is also an IDW comics design, but a discarded one that was never used for Starscream himself (just Thundercracker).  Also, this Starscream comes with a tiny Waspinator partner/weapon.  I'm just piling on the reasons to own these things, aren't I.  And so I've been having my Deluxe Megatron smack my Legends Starscream around my desk since Megatron arrived in the mail.  They're a good pair.

Despite Stealth Megatron's Deluxeness, he's pretty meaty.  His arms have a great mass to them, and he just looks like this intimidating chunk of dude who could mess you up... so long as you don't put him next to anybody else in his size class.  He transforms by bunching up into this pentagon-shaped thing, and then you tear his arm cannon in half and plug them into the ends for wings.  It's a little complicated and messy the first time you try it, but on the second tries and beyond it gets pretty simple.  The learning curve is fairly short.

And of course the comic book comes with it.  If you don't own the comic book, pick up the toy just to read it, dammit.  (Or here it is on Comixology.)
Posted March 11, 2012 at 11:26 pm
It's another year of Transformers and Halls and Fames!  And yet again, there's a Beast Wars guy in the fan-selected nominees!  I'm gung ho for 2010's Dinobot and I enjoy 2011's Waspinator, but I have to tell you, Beast Wars Megatron is genuinely my favorite Transformers character of all time.  And once Hasbro let us know that even though they auto-inducted "Megatron" for the first year of the Hall of Fame, it didn't mean we couldn't fan-nominate the young upstart who took his name, traveled into Earth's past, and blew off Optimus Prime's head!

So I'm voting BW Megs.  There won't be a storyline or anything pushing for him this year like I did for Dinobot, but I just thought I'd let you know the voting has begun.

(Though if Sky Byte wins instead, I won't be pissy or anything.)
Posted February 9, 2012 at 1:36 am
I got United Tank Megatron shipped to me along with my Windcharger/Wipe-Out, but the deluge of Prime toys that happened shortly thereafter kept me from talking about him until now.  Priorities, man!

I got Tank Megatron for a few reasons.  First, I've never owned the Classics-era Deluxe tank Megatron toy.  They kept on redecoing him as Megatron, and I didn't need another Megatron.  So this was a new toy to me.

Secondly, on the tail of the first reason, a character who isn't Megatron shares these colors.  Late in Generation 2 there was a "Hero" Megatron toy that was purple and blue and orange in black camo.  I own it, in fact!  ...even though it's broken in places and missing some accessories.  It was one of my first BotCon purchases.  But in Europe, that toy was released as a different guy called Archforce.  All they did was modify the sticker on the underside of his chest that said "MEGATRON RULES" to say nothing at all.  (I love that sticker, by the way.)  This new Tank Megatron doesn't have any "MEGATRON RULES" on him, so that says Archforce to me!  Sweet, an Archforce toy.

And most importantly, the thing just looks damn pretty.

Reviews of the toy were not very favorable, so I knew I wasn't getting a spectacular figure.  He's not bad or terrible.  He's sort of in the middle there.  Most people seemed to hate that Megatron didn't have two proper hands.  His cannon arm was actually a gimmicked propeller-spinning thing, commonly called a "rotate blade."  You fold out his cannon in front of his wrist and press a lever on the arm, causing the thing to spin.  There's no hand on that arm, so folks got annoyed.   I've got plenty of Megatrons with two hands, and my mental picture of Archforce doesn't demand a number of hands, so the gimmick doesn't bother me.  Besides, I love rotate blades.

He's a pretty toy who I can easily repurpose as an obscure dude I don't own.  I should probably throw a G2 symbol sticker on him.
Posted January 30, 2012 at 10:23 pm
We'd sort of guessed that there'd eventually be a Voyager Class-scale Megatron toy of his Transformers: Prime design. Hasbro probably wasn't going to leave his only representation a Deluxe inside of a multipack. But we had no news of such a toy, no catalog listings or stolen test shots or anything. Until, that is, he suddenly showed up for sale across the ocean at Argos. Usually when we hear news of a toy, it's six months in advance. The lead time between learning about Voyager Megatron and him being for sale was no more than a few hours.

And since I've been anticipating a larger Megatron toy for basically forever, and the multipacked Deluxe still being a no-show, I was willing to ship one from over there to here. I'm mad like that. I asked my Twitter followers for assistance, and a dude named Tricky ended up being my very awesome helper. He's part of a podcast called The Nerdsphere Network, by the way. Go check it out.

Because the leadtime was so short, hopefully nobody  had it in their heads too long that he was going to be gloriously shiny silver like the usually-airbrushed stock photography.  No, Megatron is mostly a matte french gray.  Some of his plastic is caramelly, like his feet, knees, hands, and fusion cannon.  The difference between the gray and the caramel seems a little too pronounced in some photographs, but in person the effect comes off a lot better.  It varies his colors up a bit without requiring paint or using a color too divergent from what he's supposed to be.

The reason I love this Megatron design is his robot mode, and this is where the toy shines.  He's wide yet slick, a balance of monstrous and sophistication.  Other than a lack of a waist joint, there's enough articulation present to get him into most poses that I'd want.  Some Megatrons look kind of dippy while raising their arm up in the air to aim their fusion cannon, but not this guy.  The open palm helps a bit, but I'll let you in on the real reason.  The tops of his shoulders are actually separate from his biceps, and are suspended above them on struts.  This not only helps him look better when his arms are going every which way, but they also help keep his pointy shoulder kibble from clipping his back kibble as you move his arms around.  That would be a real problem otherwise.

The vehicle mode is... sufficient.  It's a little bulkier than I'd like, but I'm not sure any better could be done.  Megatron is a big bulky dude, and he somehow extrudes himself out into a thin, sleek jet.  The toy renders the jet much more thickly, with the legs obviously hanging underneath, and his shoulder spikes tufting out from under his wings like armpit hair.  He's 80% fuselage and 20% wingspan.  It's unfortunate.  But it gives me a great robot mode, so at least the better mode is the one I wanted most.

The Voyager Class toys in this line are called Powerizers.  This is because they have electronic lights.  Megatron's fusion cannon is where Megatron keeps his electronics, and there's a Mechtech-like gimmickry engineered into it as well.  If you push in the plunger in the back, segments of his sword swing forward and into place, in theory becoming a single blade.  In practice, it's tough to get the sword parts to align properly in both configurations.  You can force the sword into a good configuration one end-point or the other, but never so it's at a satisfactory alignment in both.    When the plunger is pushed all the way in, a light inside the cannon turns on and shines into the back of the blade, lighting it up.

Megatron also comes with a handheld blade weapon that pegs into the top of his wrist while a grip slips into his palm.   I think this is just an extra accessory for funsies.  I can't find anything like it on his character model in either modes.

Long story short, major digs for Megatron.  His toy has gravitas, which is what was important to me.  His vehicle mode has less gravitas, what with the whole stubby wings deal, but it's not a dealbreaker to me.  Plus, hey, light-up fusion cannon!  And it doesn't make horrible sounds like the original Galvatron toy!

Oh man, those sounds.
Posted June 8, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Kind of a downgrade, don't you think?

Shattered Glass Megatron was my favorite toy from BotCon's Shattered Glass year.  And because BotCon simultaneously hates me while loving me with great booth real estate, here comes a toy to replace him.  Curses!  I don't want to replace my Megatron!  My Megatron is great!  That is a dumb idea!

Galvatron with all my recentish SG Decepticon acquisitions.

But, see, a while ago Fun Publications scribe Jesse Wittenrich painted up his War Within Springer to be Galvatron, and it really really worked.  It was a pretty amazing idea that you have to see to believe, because, dude, who'd believe it otherwise?  A helicopter guy?  Meh!  But it does work.  And I guess it was such a great idea they decided to off Megatron and bring him back as that Galvatron design.  And now there's a toy of it.  A toy of it that came with something I really wanted, Shattered Glass Thundercracker, so it's not like there's any skipping it.

So here he is!  Galvatron's admittedly a very pretty toy, but his prettiness isn't my problem, it's the kicking of Megatron's toy the curb that's my problem.  Evac's always been a good toy, no matter who he's been redecoed into, and Galvatron's no exception.  Galvatron's probably even the prettiest of all of them.

Spin spin spin

(It's been noted that SG Megatron's Rumbler tank arm cannon thing can still attach to Galvatron's arm.  There's a 5mm peg on Galvatron's right arm and a 5mm screw hole on the underside of Rumbler.  So there's that continuity of arm-cannons going on as well in Galvatron's favor.)

This sort of works!

So what I think I'm gonna do, since I'm not prepared to put my Megatron away, is use SG Galvatron as... Galvatron.  The "real" one.  Universe Galvatron's way too tiny and Energon Galvatron, the guy who I'd been repurposing as G1 Galvatron before, is way too big.  SG Galvatron's the right colors (sans the eyes) and he strikes the middle ground, size-wise.  He's neither a midget nor a giant.

Thus, I have not wasted my money, nor have I spurned one of my favorite toys.  Everyone's happy!  Kind of!
Posted May 19, 2011 at 2:02 am
Who knew Megatron was so fashion conscious?

There's been a new Voyager Megatron for each live-action movie, and this is the first one I've bought.  I always stuck with the Leader Class Megatrons, for good or ill.  Why did I buy this one?  Apparently we're not GETTING a bigger Megatron.  I will be very happy if the Hasbro folks at Toy Fair had misspoken, but for now I'll have to make do with this smaller guy.

I'd stay with one of my older, larger Megatrons, but the design of this new Megatron really appeals to me.  After movie 1's Cybertronic jet and movie 2's Cybertronic tank, this is live-action Megatron's first Earth mode.  He transforms into a big tanker truck.  A big tanker truck with a tarp over the back.  A tarp that becomes a hooded cape in robot mode.

Hooded cape!

Oh, great, he's naked.

Judging by the way Megatron's face is sculpted, it seems he retains the physical damage Optimus Prime (plus Jetfire corpse) inflicted on him at the end of Revenge of the Fallen.  So, vain creature that he apparently is, Megatron covers up the wrecked side of his face with his  hooded cape and has retreated to somewhere on Earth as a tanker truck.  Which is pretty bad ass.  How many Transformers come with articles of clothing?  Articles of clothing that TRANSFORM?  During the transformation from robot to truck mode, the hood rotates into the interior of the rest of the cape and the resulting shape fits nicely over the back end of the truck.

Another awesome thing about the toy: in truck mode, his trailer is somewhat articulated, even though that area is Megatron's thighs.  You can wiggle the trailer half of the tanker truck to and fro, independent of the cab.  I forgot to take a photo of this because I am a dumbass.  Maybe I'll rectify that later.

It's nice to have a movie Megatron with vehicle mode parts.  That's just satisfying in itself.

He's like the covered straws they put in your cocktails at drive-thru alcohol shops.

Like the rest of the Deluxe-and-larger Dark of the Moon toys, Megatron comes with a MechTech weapon.  His is his arm-cannon, of course, and it's formed from the front half of his tanker.  Plug it into his arm, yank the ladder, and the cylinder opens up into a claw.  Unlike the Deluxe MechTech weapons, the Voyager MechTech weapons can retain their open configuration.  Play with the ladder a bit and the claws will stay deployed.  If you want to put the cannon away, you can plug it into his back.

*yoink* "Nooooo, you can't see my ugliness!"

The transformation is complex but not annoying.  There's lots of twists and turns, and it's pretty satisfying to have to break up vehicle mode kibble here and there on a movie Megatron toy.  The prior movie Megatron toys didn't really have to do that sorta stuff since they transformed from one pile of detail into another.

It's just too bad that he's not bigger.  I hope  Hasbro changes their mind, or were lying or whatever, and we get a big-ass Leader Class toy of this design later down the road.  For now, though, this Megatron will have to face off against Twilight Prime and his moon nipples.
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