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Posted January 19, 2012 at 1:14 am

When I've not been reassembling my site from its sudden shambles, I've been sending out the "The Shortpacked!: The Movie" posters!  Here's a photo of a few posters underneath one of the character sketches some lucky dude ended up with.  There's more where that came from!

But not too much more.  These things are limited.

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Posted January 17, 2012 at 1:25 pm

The "The Shortpacked!: The Movie" posters arrived in the mail this very morning, on Shortpacked!'s seventh anniversary!  Pretty damn sweet!  I tried a million times to get the colors to show up correctly on my camera, but this is the best I could do.  Imagine it looking roughly 400% prettier.

Though they are limited, there are still some of these left! You can even splurge and get a piece of original character artwork from me as well!  All proceeds go to the "David and Maggie need to get the hell out of the house for once" fund.

I will start putting some of these in the mail to those who ordered them just as soon as it stops being The Deluge out there.

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Posted January 3, 2012 at 8:40 pm
Back before Christmas I mentioned that I was attempting to save up for a boat trip with Joel Watson (and our wives I guess), and so created some posters.  First I did one for Dumbing of Age, where I learned that posting news in the week between finals and Christmas is probably the worst idea ever, and then after Christmas ended I created and teased a Shortpacked!-themed fundraiser poster.

This is what the desktop wallpaper version looks like, but smaller.

This is it! A beautiful mash-up of Shortpacked! and Transformers, rendered on 11"x17" cardstock.  There are just fifty of these, and I'll sign and number every one.  Postage is included in the $20 price, but if you just want a cropped desktop wallpaper version and not the hardcopy, I'll send a link to you for half that.  But wait, there's more!  If you want to super-size your pleasure, I'll include a character sketch with your mailed poster for an additional contribution.  Offering character sketches is usually something I reserve exclusively for convention appearances, so if that's something you've been craving, this is your chance!

Also, let's be frank, I don't put Ronald Reagan on much stuff anymore.

So if you want to help put me on a boat, then getting this sweet, quality artwork in return isn't that terrible a trade.  One might even consider it mutually beneficial.  And you'll be one of, like, fifty people in the world who has it!

And, let's face it, Joel Watson's shoulders don't lotion themselves.
Posted May 19, 2011 at 9:32 pm
First off, I will not be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year.  I apologize!  But we're moving out of our house to a new apartment across town that same week, so also doing a convention on the other side of the country is kind of a non starter.  Some time after we move into our new apartment at the beginning of August, Shortpacked! Book 4 will arrive.   You don't want to have to move a ton of books twice, that's for sure!  So they're arriving after our move and not before.  Meaning, most importantly to us all, that they wouldn't have been there to buy at SDCC anyway.

Of course, my Blank Label Compatriots, Spike and Kel, will still be there, and will be happy to sell you their things.

(Anybody want to pick me up a 20-inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?)

Hastily-taken phone photos of merch!

Next, BotCon!  They've just put their schedule up, so now I have a general idea of when I will be at my table:
Friday: 2-5pm

Saturday: 9-11am, 2-5pm

Sunday: 11am-1pm, 2-3:30pm

Basically, if there's a voice actor panel, IDW panel, or video game panel, I'm likely to be at my artist alley table.  But I ain't missin' no script readings or Hasbro panels!

Just yesterday two new posters came in from the printer!  Joining the Dinobot "HONOR" poster, now there's also a Waspinator "PLANS" poster!  And now there's also a Recordicons group shot poster.  Every Recordicon who's shown up so far, plus a few extras, are in this thing.  Both are 11x17 inches and printed on glossy card stock, and are now available in the online store.  At my BotCon table I'll also have an assortment of smaller prints, too.

Can't wait to see you there!

I also can't wait to be done moving.  Argh.  I hate moving.
Posted March 31, 2011 at 2:04 am

I kinda dropped the ball on building up to this con this week, what with the double-whammy of the Ethan statue preorders and my SP! book 4 fundraising blitz, but I'm gonna be in San Francisco this weekend for Wondercon!

I'll be there with Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101), and we'll be in the Small Press area, at table SP-29, I believe.  I'll have books and prints and some new posters!  One of my old prints, you see, has just graduated into a new poster.  I keep selling out of my 8"x10? Dinobot "HONOR" print at every convention, so I decided, okay, this is a sign, and I did it up as a 11"x17" poster on glossy cardstock.  I redrew the art for the bigger size, since the original graphic was kind of iffy at the smaller size already, and the final product is friggin' spiffy, if I may say so.  If you aren't gonna be in SanFran this weekend, you can also find the poster in the store.

It's my first convention in the city where Shortpacked! takes place!  I'm excited!  It's also my birthday this weekend.  On Sunday I turn 32.  If you're there, feel free to drop me some extra booze money.
Posted April 8, 2010 at 7:49 am
Shortpacked!: Signifying nothing.

Still working on the site overhaul.  I have over 1100 comics, all of which gotta be assorted by chapter and subchapter.  You can imagine how much fun that is. 

But it's gonna be beautiful.  It's going to be beautiful and user friendly and it will be amazing.  So many thanks to ComicPress Overlord Frumph, who's been walking me through this hand-in-hand.  (But not in a gay way.)

I must have something for your eyeballs in the meantime!  I'm gonna be in motherfuckin' Chicago the weekend after this one!  That's right, C2E2 is April 16-18, and it promises to be a huge thing of bigness.  I'll be exhibiting with Chris Hallbeck of The Book Of Biff.  

Let's talk the merch.  Look, it's a poster!  Remember that really awesome Book 1 reprint cover I did?  Well, you can have an 11x17" full-color poster of it if you come to my table and buy a high-five.  (The poster comes free with the purchase of a high-five.)   But you can only have the poster if you come see me at the convention!  These posters are gonna be convention exclusive.  

(Why?  Well, I don't wanna take away one of the few draws to funding the Book 1 reprint.  But I also don't want to not make a poster of it.  So, compromise.)  

At the moment, I only have 25 of these.  Just 25!  There's a good chance that'll get depleted C2E2 weekend and I'll have to order more for subsequent conventions.  Regardless, make sure you get to me early at C2E2 if you want to guarantee a poster.  We'll be at booth WC E!  (WebComic area, table E)  If you see Erika Moen, we're the ones right next door shooting rubber bands at her.
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