Posted January 3, 2012 at 8:40 pm
Back before Christmas I mentioned that I was attempting to save up for a boat trip with Joel Watson (and our wives I guess), and so created some posters.  First I did one for Dumbing of Age, where I learned that posting news in the week between finals and Christmas is probably the worst idea ever, and then after Christmas ended I created and teased a Shortpacked!-themed fundraiser poster.

This is what the desktop wallpaper version looks like, but smaller.

This is it! A beautiful mash-up of Shortpacked! and Transformers, rendered on 11"x17" cardstock.  There are just fifty of these, and I'll sign and number every one.  Postage is included in the $20 price, but if you just want a cropped desktop wallpaper version and not the hardcopy, I'll send a link to you for half that.  But wait, there's more!  If you want to super-size your pleasure, I'll include a character sketch with your mailed poster for an additional contribution.  Offering character sketches is usually something I reserve exclusively for convention appearances, so if that's something you've been craving, this is your chance!

Also, let's be frank, I don't put Ronald Reagan on much stuff anymore.

So if you want to help put me on a boat, then getting this sweet, quality artwork in return isn't that terrible a trade.  One might even consider it mutually beneficial.  And you'll be one of, like, fifty people in the world who has it!

And, let's face it, Joel Watson's shoulders don't lotion themselves.