Posted April 8, 2010 at 7:49 am
Shortpacked!: Signifying nothing.

Still working on the site overhaul.  I have over 1100 comics, all of which gotta be assorted by chapter and subchapter.  You can imagine how much fun that is. 

But it's gonna be beautiful.  It's going to be beautiful and user friendly and it will be amazing.  So many thanks to ComicPress Overlord Frumph, who's been walking me through this hand-in-hand.  (But not in a gay way.)

I must have something for your eyeballs in the meantime!  I'm gonna be in motherfuckin' Chicago the weekend after this one!  That's right, C2E2 is April 16-18, and it promises to be a huge thing of bigness.  I'll be exhibiting with Chris Hallbeck of The Book Of Biff.  

Let's talk the merch.  Look, it's a poster!  Remember that really awesome Book 1 reprint cover I did?  Well, you can have an 11x17" full-color poster of it if you come to my table and buy a high-five.  (The poster comes free with the purchase of a high-five.)   But you can only have the poster if you come see me at the convention!  These posters are gonna be convention exclusive.  

(Why?  Well, I don't wanna take away one of the few draws to funding the Book 1 reprint.  But I also don't want to not make a poster of it.  So, compromise.)  

At the moment, I only have 25 of these.  Just 25!  There's a good chance that'll get depleted C2E2 weekend and I'll have to order more for subsequent conventions.  Regardless, make sure you get to me early at C2E2 if you want to guarantee a poster.  We'll be at booth WC E!  (WebComic area, table E)  If you see Erika Moen, we're the ones right next door shooting rubber bands at her.