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Posted August 6, 2010 at 2:16 am

Ever so often, Maggie "the wifes" Willis will draw, and when she does, it's pretty damn amazing! I wanted to share her most recent work, some fan art of Full Metal Panic. She draws the smooching nicely. Oh yes.

Tomorrow I leave Ohio for the crazy otherworld of Toronto, Canada! Saturday is host to Canadian GIJoe Convention, where I am an esteemed guest. I will have books for you to buy! Come see me.

Next month, on Labor Day weekend, I'm gonna be in Dallas, Texas, for AnimeFest!  I will also have a table there.  I've never conned in Texas before, so it should be a treat.  I'll also have much fun hangin' with my buds Joel Watson (Hijinks Ensue) and James and Mel (Two Lumps).  It'll be a blast!

Guess I should finish packing.  Now where's my passport...?

Oh, phew.
Posted July 12, 2010 at 12:50 am
Here's the Primal I promised you yesterday. Someone asked me for a first-season Primal art today, and I had one ready-made! So he's gone.

The girl who asked for Cheetor on Friday came back to buy him, so I replaced him with Blackarachnia.

Optimus Primal got bought, so he got replaced by Megatron.

I bought a $5 blindpacked Mini-Con. (Ironlunge!) He's a Predacon like Dinobot, so they got to hang out.

Maggie bought some blindpacked Full Metal Panic figures. Dinobot met them.

Her name is Teresa Testarosa. Her character is Italian. Everything insists on romanizing her name as "Teletha." It's retarded.
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