Posted August 6, 2010 at 2:16 am

Ever so often, Maggie "the wifes" Willis will draw, and when she does, it's pretty damn amazing! I wanted to share her most recent work, some fan art of Full Metal Panic. She draws the smooching nicely. Oh yes.

Tomorrow I leave Ohio for the crazy otherworld of Toronto, Canada! Saturday is host to Canadian GIJoe Convention, where I am an esteemed guest. I will have books for you to buy! Come see me.

Next month, on Labor Day weekend, I'm gonna be in Dallas, Texas, for AnimeFest!  I will also have a table there.  I've never conned in Texas before, so it should be a treat.  I'll also have much fun hangin' with my buds Joel Watson (Hijinks Ensue) and James and Mel (Two Lumps).  It'll be a blast!

Guess I should finish packing.  Now where's my passport...?

Oh, phew.