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Posted July 2, 2023 at 10:21 am

This is it, the realest Devcon that's ever been made!  Back in the early BotCon days, they flirted with at least two potential Devcons -- one from Machine Wars Mirage (which I made a custom of) and one from Energon Slugslinger, and then in Later BotCon days they actually did make one from Generations 2011 Scourge.  I mean, it had a new weird-lookin' duckface but it was made.  And then there was that bizarre Platinum Series Sweep with the retooled Devcon face??? what

But now Hasbro has actually gone and done it and made a regular retail looks-like-the-character-model Devcon!  Legacy Devcon is a heavy partial of Studio Series 86 Blurr, and when I mean "heavy" I mean he only keeps the feet, thighs, and some minor interior joints. Everything else is new.  He even transforms a little differently, in that his arms don't switch positions on the torso anymore, and the only kibble now hanging off his forearms are some tiny wings.  

He comes with three accessories: his arm-mounted blaster and two vehicle mode thrusters.  The instructions show you stowing them on his back in robot mode or plugging into his blaster, but they're perfectly sized to fit inside his leg cavities.  Keep those suckers there.  

The Transformers Generations lines continue their adherence to animation scale, keeping Devcon at Smokescreen height.  He's actually a fraction shorter than Blurr due to the retooling, and that's good.  Being taller than Smokescreen would be *adjusts glasses and pocket protector* less accurate.  I know your brain tells you that Devcon's a bigger guy but your brain is wrong.


Posted September 14, 2011 at 1:41 am
Finally, I have that toy of the body Devcon ditched within about fifteen minutes.

This is what I was gonna do with that extra Beast Machines Mirage I wanted.  I ordered one off eBay shortly after getting home from Sunday's toy convention, and I realized the next day that, hey, I could proooobably paint the one I have while I wait for the new one to get here.  Plus, well, the roommate who owns the table is getting her own place tomorrow, so it might be a good idea to get him done before then.

So here he is!  Devcon!  Renowned Autobot bounty hunter, temporarily inhabiting a Vehicon body.  I'm going to say an unpopular thing and say that I liked Wreckers Devcon.  Yeah, he was a jerk, and people say he wasn't that jerky in his original cartoon appearances, but if I have to choose between watching The Gambler or reading the 3H Wreckers comic books, I'm gonna choose the latter every time.  The Gambler is a terrible episode.  Terrible.  If I had to live through that episode, like Devcon did, I'd be kind of a jerk, too.  (And I am.)

And, frankly, the common wisdom that Devcon wasn't as big a jerk in The Gambler versus Wreckers is a bit overinflated.  That episode's so uneven, and original Devcon is indeed a  jerk at moments while he's nicer in a sparingly few other moments.  Watch as much as you can stand some time, and you'll see what I mean.

I'm slowly recreating this artwork:

I am not a good painter.  In fact, I'm a terrible painter.  But sometimes I luck out.  I think I lucked out as much as I'm able to with Devcon.  He looks pretty okay!  And he's all the right colors, as far as I can discern.  I tell you, the red was a bitch, since it goes over black plastic.  I put a coat of, ahem, silver Sharpie marker on the legs first before painting red over them.  There was kind of a weird chemical reaction in places between the two kinds of coloring, but after going over the bad parts a few times, I was able to get a good smooth, bright red on the black plastic without having to put like fifty layers over everything and burying too much detail.

The ball joints are silver Sharpie, too, though the attached limbs are the proper light gray paint color.  Silver Sharpie coats pretty thinly and fuses almost immediately to the plastic, so I figgered it'd withstand wear and tear better.  And without painting the balljoints, they're kind of obviously Mirage's yellow.  I'd hate to look at the thing.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the results.  And now he can go in my Wreckers display.
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