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Posted May 16, 2014 at 9:01 pm

Years ago, I really liked DC Direct's move into doing toys based on certain artistic depictions of characters from various story arcs.  I have so many Ed McGuiness toys, you guys.  But then the New 52 happened, and DC Direct toys kind of disappeared for a while, and then when they came back they were all kind of generic.  BUT NO MORE.  I'm getting my damn Greg Capullo artstyle-based toys, you guys.  And I am super happy.

Along the way, I'd bought one or two Batman toys based on the New 52 Batsuit, figuring if I kind of squinted at it, it'd look like Greg Capullo's art.  This was not terribly effective, but that doesn't matter now.  I have the real deal.  

I'm also happy that DC Direct's toys seem to have gotten an articulation upgrade.  Before their articulation was kind of standard -- they'd look pretty, but they didn't move much.  This new Greg Capullo-style Batman has articulation closer to what you'd expect of a Mattel toy.  In addition to the usual shoulders/neck/waist/elbows/hips/knees articulation you expect, there's mid-thigh and mid-torso and multi-directional wrist articulation.  Also the head is on a balljoint, while the ankles go in a number of directions, too.  The choice between DC Direct Pretty and Mattel Articulation is now kinda moot.  

Greg Capullo Batman also comes with three small Batarangs.  He has no pockets for them, but there are similarly small gaps between four of his fingers on one hand.  This means you can wedge them in there to give Batman some Wolverine-style daggers.  They don't bury as deep into his palm as they seem to in the comics when Batman does this -- they stick out a bit -- but it's still a neat thing.  It's also kind of nerve-wracking to get them all shoved in there, as the area you're maneuvering these small pieces into is kind of small and you can easily bump one out of place and cause a domino effect.  But it's still a fun thing.  

These things don't seem to come with stands anymore, but Batman does have a peghole under his right heel.

I picked up the Riddler and Talon, as well.  There was no Nightwing left when I'd gotten to the store.  I'll find him elsewhere.  

Posted August 4, 2011 at 12:44 am
I will allow Drake back if necessary.

I was surprised I ended up liking Damian Wayne so much.  "The bratty son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Head" isn't really a character pitch that grabbed me.  But after these past few years he's really grown on me.

Part of that, though, I insist, is because he isn't paired with Bruce Wayne as Batman.  Batman's cranky, Damian's cranky... it's not a very diverse duo.  But when Dick Grayson is Batman, that's where I saw how Damian Wayne worked as a character.  Dick Grayson's a happier, more social Batman.  That's a good foil for Damian, the little brat with a (very buried) heart of gold.  But Dick doesn't get to be Batman anymore, and after the Flashpoint reboot, Bruce is going to be Batman to Damian's Robin.  It's nice that Damian's staying around, but I think pairing him with his dad sort of misses the point.  I hope I'm proved wrong.

But seriously, where's my damn Dick Grayson Batman toy?  I am kind of annoyed.  Instead, this DC Direct Damian Wayne comes in a wave with back-from-the-dead Bruce.  Dick is totally skipped over!  Grargh.   I snatched up Damian anyway, though, not only for myself, but because my wife thinks he's great.  Only with Dick, of course.

The toy is a standard DC Direct figure.  There's some minor articulation, a stand, and some accessories.  Damian looks a little older than 11, though.  I kind of wish he had an alternate head possibility with his hood over his head.  I kind of like the hood over his head.

Anyway, in conclusion, this is required reading.
Posted January 31, 2011 at 11:17 pm
There is absolutely nothing digified about this action figure.

When you become known for certain things, sometimes you have to live up to your reputation.  For example, if you regularly follow this blog, you know that I love orange toys.  The more obnoxious, the better.  You also know that I love Lex Luthor in Power Suit Armor.  I especially love Lex Luthor in Power Suit Armor when he's making a goofy face.

And so this thing existed.

I mean, in one way, I'm kind of meh about it.  I didn't read any Darkest Night or Brightest Day whatever.  I've never read the Sinestro Corps.  I've never read a single Green Lantern book in my life.  I just don't really care about Green Lantern.  I liked John Stewart a lot in Justice League, but that's the extent of my interest in all things Green Lantern.  If I see the Green Lantern film this summer, it will be because I am a bigger fan of Ryan Reynolds.

But... bright translucent Lex Luthor in his Power Suit with a goofy-ass face.

Another wrinkle in my decision was learning that DC Universe Classics is also going to be doing a version of "Orange Lantern Lex Luthor" or whatever.  Mattel's stuff is way more poseable than DC Direct's, so it would be a more fun toy to fiddle with.  But it didn't have the goofy face.  I had to choose between better toy or goofy face.

I guess I chose goofy face.
Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:01 am
"Ha ha ha, guess who's (not-)dead NOW!"

Hey, look, it's more DC Direct stuff!  (Why haven't they done a series based on Amanda Conner's Powergirl material?  C'mon, dudes!)

First up is my Arkham Asylum "Battle Damaged" Batman.  I didn't even know he existed until the last day of Comic-Con.  Earlier in the week I'd seen the pristine AA Batman in the display case, noted he came out in about nine months, and then marked my mental calender to covet him later.  But then my pal Tony (aka Sarevock) came to me Sunday morning, noted he had a chance to get some Arkham Asylum Batman that was exclusive to the show, and hell yeah, yes, give me one of those.  I generally don't care for battle damaged stuff, but here's the thing.  Or things.  First of all, you spend like half the game looking like the battle damaged version of the toy.  So no big.  And second, dude, the non-battle damaged version comes out NEXT YEAR.  I'm pretty okay with getting the roughed-up version that much earlier.  I mean, dude.

He's what you expect in a DC Direct Batman.  Sorta stiff poseability, a stand, and some pretty paintwork.

The Stephanie Batgirl I'd been waiting for for a while.  Seriously, they solicit these things like a year in advance, it feels like.  I've been enjoying her comic, and I wanted one of her in plastic.  She comes with a stand, a batarang, and a nightstick.  The nightstick is way too skinny for her to hold in her hands, but I later discovered a stowing area on the back of her belt that it fits into pretty well.  Again, standard articulation.  And, yay, hooray, Stephanie, you're not dead!
Posted April 20, 2010 at 12:21 am
And here's the last of my (published) pictures.  That's right!   There are photos worse than the ones from yesterday with all the mouth-pooping.

(They were blurry or boring.)

Figgered I should take some pictures of some toys, since this is usually a toy blog. This is DC Direct's "Battle for the Cowl" wave. I totally need that Stephanie Brown Batgirl. And probably that hilarious Two-Face that was infuriatingly only a hallucination.

Sunday was kind of a no man's land for the Webcomics Pavilion... except if you were Jeph Jacques. How I hate him.

Since Sunday was kinda dead, I spent time drawing and coloring on my own. Markers are fun!

Reader asked for Reagan vs Hitler. Reader got Reagan vs Hitler. Hooray for democracy!
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