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Posted January 21, 2011 at 12:32 am
Maximumble: Putting the sequential back into Sequential Art

So, like, Chris Hallbeck is one of my best buddies. We've shared convention tables so many times, it's like we're married! Sometimes we finish each other's sentences.

He's known to mortals as That Guy Who Does The Book of Biff.   (He also looks like a taller version of my roommate, Steve-o.)  But now he has a second webcomic, Maximumble, and this one has more than one panel per day. In fact, it has three panels per day! With a full four panels per day now, that's quadrupling his output!

Anyway, Maximumble is really funny and you should read it.
Posted April 18, 2010 at 2:16 am
Yay, I remembered to bring my camera cord back with me.  And my camera!  (That also helps.)  So have some pix.

Book of Biff and I share a booth! Our Friday iteration of it, before we made some small Saturday changes.

JOSH THE SUPERFAN (as we call him) commissioned this art of Guy Gardner, Robin, and Superboy going cowtipping.

I was asked to autograph this C2E2 program, so I made Flash into Batman.

Don't talk too much at the Topatoco booth, or Jeffrey Rowland will duct tape your mouth shut.

Saturday's stuff I'll put up tomorrow!  Think of today as Friday night, but 24 hours later because I was stupid.

Sneak preview: KFC Double Down.  Mouth-pooping.
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