Posted April 12, 2011 at 2:10 am
Chocolate and caramel

I gots an e-Hobby 3-pack!  It came with a pointless translucent Hot Rod, a potentially redundant Kup, and this third guy who I actually wanted.  How much of the rest of the set will I be selling off?  Further news as events warrant!

The guy I wanted was Scrapheap, who is a Junkion.  He's not the first non-Wreck-Gar Junkion toy to be made, but he's the second!  The first was Detritus, an e-Hobby redeco of Hound from several years back.  I don't have him.  Though with the potential for an actual Junkion army, I kind of want to now.  Oh well!  No big.  Not like he can ride anybody.  He was, as I noted, a G1 Hound redeco.

All these motorcycles yet nobody to ride them.

Scrapheap's a retool of Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar.  In addition to Wreck-Gar's head, the mold has two other generic Junkion heads, and Scrapheap uses one of them.  There's no plans yet to use the third anywhere, but it'll probably be a long while before that happens, what with the third live-action film imminent.  Scrapheap gets his name from a list of Junkion names that one of the original cartoon model designers came up with for the other Junkions.  The Ark: A Complete Compendium of Character Designs applied the name to a prominently-featured generic Junkion, but this toy's head seems to belong to the guy the Ark book dubbed "Rubbish."  D'oh!

The colors I'm a little lukewarm on.  It's just chocolate brown, bright red, and a few shades of silver.  It's a little boring.  I mean, yeah, Junkions are earthtone colors, but I feel like I would have preferred something a little more vibrant.

Aaaand the money shot.

Not that it matters too much.  This guy's probably going to be spending a lot of time in motorcycle mode.  The Wreck-Gar/Scrapheap mold is designed to ride itself.  ...if you know what I mean.  There's two pegholes on the motorcycle seat and two corresponding pegs on the underside of the robot mode pelvis.  There's also slots on the side of the motorcycle that can attach to the robot mode legs of the rider.  That's what the main event is.  Scrapheap exists so Wreck-Gar doesn't literally have to ride himself.  He can ride this other guy that looks 90% like him.

I'm tempted to get Takara's version of Wreck-Gar and chop off one of my Wreck-Gar's beards just so I have three distinct Junkions.  Hmmm.