Posted August 3, 2016 at 5:45 am

For the second year in a row we got a fancy-colored Windblade as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive!  Last year, we got a red and goldish Windblade in a "Combiner Hunters" giftset, and this year we get a new Windblade in a "Titan Force" giftset!  ... and I do mean "new."  There's a new Windblade toy that's based on the Robots in Disguise cartoon design, and this is the actual-factual first way to get it.  The domestic retail one's yet to hit stores, and the Japanese version of the same thing is either arriving shortly before or after it.  So this San Diego Windblade is a new toy!

Sort of, I guess?

I mean, it's still Windblade, and a Windblade design that's not too far removed from the first Windblade toy.  This new RID Windblade transforms..... very similarly to the first one.  Nosecone flips on the back, legs fold out from the thrusters, arms just kinda unpeg from the underside of the jet.  Like, it's all the same stuff, but everything is kinda simplified.  It's a toy that's the same size and the same general design, but with fewer details.  There's fewer parts, and it's streamlined a little.  

New Windblade even comes with a sword and sheath that are nigh-identical to the original.  One might be forgiven for assuming they're exactly the same tooling, but they're not.  The 5mm peg is moved to a new location and the whole sheath thing is skinnier now.  Like, it's as if they took the same 3d model and squished it a bit and moved a peg.  

The fan still removes from the back of her head, and the turbines on her wings still rotate.  As such, she retains most of the original toy's functionality, it's just, again, everything's a lot simpler.  And she stands better, too, with new feet that aren't so fiddly.

She's decoed in Fortress Maximus colors -- gray, blue, and red -- since she's a Cityspeaker and Fortress Maximus is a city with which to speak.  (And the other SDCC exclusive.)