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Posted March 12, 2011 at 4:16 pm
One of these guys is secretly a clone of High School Musical.

Hi, this is Maggie!

So for the first time in my life, I went to McDonald's to buy toys at 10:00am on the Friday they came out. My first trip to the nearest McDonald's was a hit; they had two of the McYoung Justice toys I craved.

Unfortunately (?), they were Superboy and Superman. I mean, that's cool: I'm totally getting them all, but those who know me understand who really makes my clock tick. Oh well. The search continues!

So, while toting my husband to the Urgent Care center for his bronchitis, I interrupted our trip twice to check other McDonalds near the doctor's office, as all good wives should. Sadly, either they only had more Superpeople, or they hadn't gotten the toys in at all.

i am only half a supermans

Anyway, I am whelmed by the toys! Maybe I had really low expectations (and I did, in fact), but the molds are relatively show accurate and detailed. Superman's head's a wee small, but he can't seem to brain in the show anyway.

Superboy's red symbol on his chest lights up red and so do his eyes. This is a little weird because it's a plot point that he doesn't have all of Superman's powers, including the ability to fly and heat vision. Superman's head tilts down a little so that he can condescend to Superboy.

They each have a nifty button on the back that makes them punch things. Superman raises two arms, and Superboy punches with just one. If Superboy didn't feel inferior before now his only dream is to one day to punch with both arms instead of one. POOR SB WE STILL LOVE YOU.

Overall excited for the rest!
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