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Posted October 7, 2016 at 12:01 am

Weirdwolf is yellow and teal, and this is like 99.99% of why I like him so much.  That plus the offwhite and red trim to me is the Italian finger kiss of color schemes.  It's the same reason I love RID Destructicon Bludgeon.  It's why BotCon 2007's Weirdwolf redeco of Cybertron Snarl is one of my all-time favorite convention toys.  I love those colors.  They're great.  A++  Would buy again. 

I decided to get the TakaraTomy version of Weirdwolf for a handful of reasons.  One, he comes with a yellow and teal monkey, which is hard to say no to.  Rarigo (which is "gorilla" spelled backwards in Japanese) is a redeco of Apeface's Titan Master vehicle, which triplechanges from gorilla to jet to gun and back.  If I can get a Weirdwolf that also comes with a monkey, why wouldn't I get the one that comes with a monkey?

Secondly, judging from online photography, TakaraTomy's Weirdwolf had a teal I liked better than Hasbro's.  Mind, this is going off of promo renders and colors-not-always-true-to-in-person photography, but I did my best to judge the two teals, and I decided on the Japanese one instead of the domestic.  I am very particular about my teals!  The BotCon Weirdwolf's teal is a smudge too green, and it's not SO green that it ruins the yellow-and-teal deal for me, but it's on the edge.  TakaraTomy Weirdwolf looked just right.  

Plus their Monzo got his face painted, which is a plus.

Things I'm missing by not having the Hasbro one, are the nice translucent red highlights inside the wolf head.  Takara paints over a lot of that with light gray.    On the other hand, I really like the two-toned red of the eyes and face.  The face is a tad pinker than the eyes, and it's a nice, subtle effect.

The toy is pretty adept for your run-of-the-mill quadruped-to-biped transformation.  The arms transform into forelimbs and the legs transform into hindlimbs, as often the case with beastformers.  But it's a much better four-legged mammal than Alpha Trion's unikitty mode, with hind legs that look a lot more natural, and so I'm pleased.  The torso expands for beast mode and collapses to a shorter length for robot mode.  The wolf head rotates at the neck, and also there's a small amount of left-to-right movement as well.  The jaw opens, which is usually a feature on beastformers, but is still always welcome.  

Weirdwolf's tail becomes a sword, and there's a cannon weapon that plugs into his beast mode's hindquarters which can also be a seat for a Titan Master head dude.  And, of course, Weirdwolf can point his gorilla gun around if he wants.  

I hope the next Transformers line-wide gimmick is Monkey Weapons.

Posted April 16, 2012 at 9:50 pm
It's kinda dumb to wear your own shirt design, but I wanted to wear this to BotCon anyway, because it's hilarious.  Everyone else will be slummin' it with their Megatron Club Shirt while I'll be hipstering it up with this "Three Wolf Moon" parody.  Plus I hadn't actually seen any of my new shirts in person, since they're all print-to-order and handled by other folks, so this was as good an opportunity as any to try one out for myself.

Spoilers: It's a quality shirt!  I'm not selling you bum merchandise!

So, woo.  Pretty sweet.  This may be the first t-shirt ever with ... any of these guys.
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