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Posted July 12, 2011 at 12:59 pm
If you're only paying attention to the movies, Megatron's Evil Scheme Flowchart gots lots of holes and makes little sense.  But if you follow the fifty million movie-based novels and comic series, it's put together somewhat reasonably.  (Mostly thanks to John Barber, who is kind of awesome.)  If you want to see how Megatron's Evil Scheme Flowchart works in the "expanded universe,"'s "Movie timeline" page puts everything into amazing detail.  Chris McFeely put it together (and continues to maintain it) and it was so awesome that it was last month's Featured Article.

But, yeah, going only by the movies themselves, it's kind of a mess.

EDIT: Okay, I thought I could get away with just posting this here without a huge disclaimer that I'm not saying this "fixes" the movie, or that people should be required to know this stuff or whatever bullshit like that.  I just thought it was interesting supplementary material.  Additional reading, were one to be so inclined.

I think a lot of friggin' stupid things, apparently.
Posted November 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm
Hey hey, what's new?  Thought I'd throw some images together that I'd taken recently.

I'm full of tinier men!

Here's a new photo of Nexus Prime, aka "Nexus Maximus," aka "the guy who used to share a name with a dildo." (NSFW) My original Breakaway, Nexus Prime's arm, always had a little problem with the combiner connector plug.  There was a warp in the plastic or something that kept it from securely fastening to the combiner's torso.  At best it could loosely hang on the connector stub via gravity.  I've been meaning to replace him for years, and finally bit the bullet when the Transformers Collectors' Club store had him on sale a week ago.  $5 off!  Hooray!

Man, you can imagine how dusty and dirty the rest of my old Nexus Prime looks when he's got a new shiny arm.

Once I had a working Breakaway, I could finally do interesting stuff with that arm, and so I took a new photo for the Transformers Wiki.  The old photo was kinda washed out anyway, and I'm better at photographing these things now.

Bet you wanna lick me.

Next up is a photograph of e-Hobby Sunstorm.  Years ago while moving I lost one of his orange tailfins, which was really infuriating, what with his secondary market price being like $500.  That's a lot of money to drop for a replacement tailfin!  But not too long after my dilemma, they reissued him, and I got a new Sunstorm for (relatively) cheap.  Well, heh heh, that new Sunstorm had been sitting in its box, untouched, for over two years.  Finally I got the inspiration to take him out; I had noticed that his Tfwiki page needed a proper photograph of the original toy.  The Sunstorm in the photo here is a Frankenstein of my first Sunstorm and my new one.  Basically I stole one of the tailfins and also grabbed the landing gear and the jet-mode missiles for the jet-mode photo.  And, yeah, lots more dusting.  Yay, dusting.

He's so orange.  So deliciously creamsicle orange.

Hmm.  I also got some new Reprolabels in yesterday, but I think I'll save photos of those for a future blogpost.
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