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Posted January 18, 2013 at 1:15 am
The current New Big Line is Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, which means some motherfriggin' beasts, dude!  All of the titular beasts appear to be  dragons, but while I am not super fond of dragons, beggars can't be choosers, y'know?  It's been a dry season for beasts for quite a few years!  I mean, sure, you get your occasional Grimlock or Laserbeak or Ravage -- which I am thankful for because those are awesome guys or at least guys who can be redecoed into Buzzsaw -- but never an actual semi-flood of beasts.  A beast buffet.  And the most recent two beasts like Thundertron ... some... other guy... I forget... were kind of bleh, so hopefully these Beast Hunters beasts will amend my disappointment!

Beasts beasts beasts beasts... yeah, now the word has no meaning.

Anyhow, in the first wave of Deluxe Beast Hunters is Lazerback.  Oh man, that name.  Did you know that the packaging mock-up in the presentation slide at New York Comic Con had it spelled "Laserback," as is right and holy?  And everyone online kept on spelling it Lazerback, with a Z, and I was all "NO YOU DUDES IT HAD AN S OH MY GOD LEARN TO SPELL LASER" but ahahahaha no, the packaging mockup was a dirty well-spelled lie and we got it with the Z for reals.



Lazerback is pretty cool!  And... hefty.  His card bubble is way deeper than the rest of his wave, and he feels about twice as heavy.  He's dense.   He is also the Beastiest Beast.  His forelimbs become arms and his hindlimbs become legs.  His tail comes off and becomes a weapon.  These are all things that beast toys like to do a lot.  And y'know, I don't think I really care.  If I can get 30 billion car toys where the hood becomes the chest and the trunk becomes the legs and there's some door wings or something, then I can enjoy Lazerback.

And truth be told, he's a solid toy. He doesn't do a lot of innovative things, but he does old things well.  He's a great dragonbeast thing.  He's meaty.  His jaws open and he has a missile launcher that comes out of his spine.  And while the tail does become his weapon, the way it closes up around his fist makes me think it's supposed to be just an extension of his arm in one mode, like the tail IS his arm.  He's got a tail-arm.  And that's pretty cool.  Definitely Beast Warsy.  And those colors of his -- red, purple, and yellow -- they're really grabbing me.  I like him.

I want more.
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