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Posted September 22, 2011 at 7:10 pm
I gave in to my chattering inner demons and got iGear's replacement Kup head.  It's the one that's colored to match the eHobby redeco of him that I prefer because of all the bright teal.  You actually get two heads, one with the cy-gar and one without, plus a tiny screwdriver.  These both are snug inside some foam inside of a plastic box that fits perfectly in Kup's truck bed.  A nice touch, but that feature probably won't ever be used by me.

It's not that the original head was offensive to me.  Some folks think it looked terrible, but I never minded it too much.  It looked like Kup and it matched the body well.  But having the cy-gar in his mouth trumps everything.  For serious.  (It doesn't hurt that the new head looks like Guido Guidi's art, though, that's for sure.)  I just like cy-gars.  They're great props that can add personality to Transformers.  I made sure that Commissioner Garboil had one, for example.  I mean, can you even BE a head of law enforcement without a stogie?  I'm pretty sure you can't.
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