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Posted October 24, 2010 at 2:47 am
Boxotron guessed it first. I was costumed up as comic book writer Donny Finkleberg, aka the creator of Robot-Master, aka the creator of Potato-Salad Man, aka chain smoking jerk.

Specifically, First Appearance Donny Finkleberg, with his green jacket and his white dress shirt and his awful, awful magenta turtle neck underneath all that.

Soon after he was fired by Marvel Comics for being a terrible writer and all-around-douchebag, he was quickly snatched up by the government to pretend to be a supervillain in charge of the Transformers, because that would calm the public down or something. (What?) Anyway, they named and designed this supervillain persona after the actual published Robot-Master character that Donny Finkleberg created. So, uh, yeah, its readership must have been pretty small for that to have worked. Is anyone going to be fooled if "Dr. Doom" showed up on television and claimed to be in charge of the Taliban?

Ah well.

When people at the Halloween party asked me who I was dressed as, I told them Jonah Hill. It was just easier.
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