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Posted February 23, 2011 at 2:58 am

He's a big dude.

I has a Bane!  It's been a while since I've needed somebody from DC Universe Classics, and this time he's the friggin' build-a-figure.  The last time I wanted a build-a-figure, I ended up buying a whole wave of movie Spider-Man toys to get myself a Sandman.  Well, Bane's wave wasn't quite as desirable to me.  It was full of either characters I already had better toys of (Robin, Riddler), or guys I didn't really want or need (Jonah Hex).  And so I went the way that most people do when they want a build-a-figure and don't want to plunk down a few hundred to pick up the whole wave.... I went eBay!  It means I pay a little more (or a lot more) for an individual figure, but not nearly as much as I woulda had to pay if I'd gotten him the normal way.

I needed Bane because he fills an important slot in both of the arenas of DCUC I'm collecting: Batman villains and Secret Six dudes.  So far, there's been a 100% overlap!  It's a really uninteresting Venn diagram so far.  ...well, okay, I didn't pick up Parademon, but he really didn't look, y'know, proper.  Needed to be beefier and wear a fluffy vest or something.

If I ever do get a respectable Secret Six display, Bane may have to go through some minor changes.  See, in Secret Six, Bane has been off the Venom for quite a while, as he's decided it's a weakness and a crutch.  In fact, Bane is a very interesting character all around in Secret Six.  This should not really be possible, since he should be, by all rights, no more than that goofy muscle guy in the luchador mask who breaks Batman's back over his knee.  But under the insanely awesome care of Gail Simone, Bane is a compelling character in his own right.  Kinda weird in the head, but fascinating nonetheless.  And so I might have to get rid of that Venom tube that runs from his head to his arm.  It just wouldn't be proper!

But, hey.  Let's not delude ourselves.

I know why you're all here.  I know what the money shot is.

Let's do this.

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