Posted December 15, 2005 at 1:32 am
Penny-Arcade raised $80K for charity. Eighty thousand dollars.

Eric Burns at Websnark wrote about it. And Cheezus Christ, it didn't take three seconds for a few people to try to tear the whole thing down. Questioning Tycho and Gabe's motives. After all, we can't be positive that they're completely altruistic about it. Surely there must be some way we can poke holes in this accomplishment!

That's absolutely disgusting. It's the most vile thing I've seen in a long time.

I can't call them snivelling assholes on Websnark itself, because Websnark is a respectible place and flaming is against the rules. But my blog has no such integrity.

32_Footsteps? William G? You two are a waste of flesh. There are few things more reprehensible than blasting a childrens charity to feed your own miserable hate-on. No matter what the fuck you think they've done, they'll never be as big a monster as you.
Posted December 14, 2005 at 9:25 pm

So after rounding up new comics this week from The Laughing Ogre (sadly, I only had Ultimate Iron Man #5 to pick up), I went searching for King Kong toys. I needed one. Toys R Us always seemed to have the biggest range of them, so we went there.

I ended up with Gripping Kong. He comes with an Anne figure, which was critical, and had a more neutral facial expression, so he wouldn't be roaring at her all the time. Yes, I want to have a happy Kong/Anne display because I'm a big fucking girl. (Besides, Anne is stuck in this very friendly wave gesture which would seem out of place if Kong's flailing her about while he kicks dinosaur ass.) He's also the "ultra poseable" one, but while he has lots of joints, they don't really allow a meaningful range of movement. Damn.

I also considered the Kong Vs. Juvenile V-rex set, with jaw-breaking action, but decided I'd rather have the neutral face. Which is too bad, because my Kong has nobody to fight. Maybe he and Optimus Primal can fight to the death or something.

So, anyway, thanks to the magic of Awesome Hangy Thing That Comes With, my Kong is delightfully carrying Anne up my lamp post. There's no sets that come with bi-planes for him to swat at, because Playmates is apparently trying to make me sad. Those rats.

I also found some of the next wave of JLU figures at Target! That was hurtful, because I just spent $10 on Kong, and there were 2 more $10 sets I needed. They were out of the Green Lantern 3-pack and the single-packed Supergirl and Steel, but I grabbed the two villain 3-packs. Pictures later!
Posted December 14, 2005 at 7:20 am
King Kong is the best movie ever in the history of AWESOME STUFF THAT ROCKS.
Posted December 13, 2005 at 7:55 pm
Shortpacked! and Blank Label Comics scored some hot-ass accolades in Comixpedia's End of 2005 Roundtable. In particular, Karl Kuras named Shortpacked! one of his five favorite strips. I could quip here that Karl's check is in the mail, but that joke is dated. I am cutting edge and pine fresh, in an IN YOUR FACE sort of way. Instead, I'll just say to Karl: "DONG SCHLONG MONG DONG FONG LONG ZONG PONG KONG DONG"

Karl'll know what I mean.

Also, for all you Transformers peeps, Entertainment Earth has put up Hasbro's release photos of Mini-Con 2-packs wave 3 and Star Wars Transformers wave 2. Sunstorm is awesome. I collect all Sunstorms. Sadly, this Sunstorm sports a distinct lack of ORANGE. Furthermore, his robot mode is entirely black and white. DOUBLEYOU-TEE-EFF. GET ON THE BALL HASBRO. (I kid.)

And lastly, people, I know Aslan is a Christ allegory. Monday's strip was something known as a "rhetorical question." The double standard was the point of the comic, or the "joke," as we call it here in the business. I don't need it explained. I realize that most of you who are sending me these emails don't read this blog, but I'm just putting this out there anyway.

(I should do a comic about it. I sure don't get any "Hey, did you know there's Star Wars Transformers" emails anymore.)

((Man. Why don't I have more readers? It's like I'm doing something to push them away.))

(((The previous parenthetical was another one of those "rhetorical questions." Cheese almighty, don't send me emails explaining it.)))
Posted December 12, 2005 at 11:56 am

I guess I should get around to mentioning my most recent limited print on the blog. Well, I have! So there.

Tonight I didn't go to bed. Well, okay, technically, I went to bed for about an hour or so and then got up, but I never actually slept. I'm insomniac by nature, and my bedtime had finally crept up to about 6am. So it's time to force another 18 hours out of myself so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour.

It doesn't help that my bed is the Most Uncomfortable Thing on the Planet. I can feel the springs, man. And the floor, probably. I've wisely asked my folks to get me a new bed for Christmas. Of course, this means I built up that Amazon Wish List for nothing. Drat. Alright, I suppose I have friends. WHATEVER.

So, anyway, here's to another 14 hours.

That new bed is going to be awesome.
Posted December 11, 2005 at 2:24 am
Yeah, so we found wave 4 TFCybertron deluxes today. They're showing up in Wal-marts everywhere, usually as part of a giant display pallet, so they should be pretty easy to find. Ours were found hung up on the pegs like usual, so maybe there wasn't room for the pallet itself.

Anyway, it was a bittersweet toy search because while we did find them, the whole wave is really frustrating. I don't like them. Brimstone is easily the best, but that's just because there's nothing outstandingly wrong with him. He's simple and playable, but on the Way Too Simple side.

On the other end of the spectrum is Crosswise, who's axe-murderingly complex and unplayable. Remember the RiD car brothers? Well, he's definitely one of them. That means he's got thin, fragile car pieces hanging off every bit of his body and he's floppy as all hell. Mine does the splits constantly like he's a performing circus clown or something. And getting him back into car mode involves all the fun of rearranging his altmode shell-pieces back together Rubik's Cube-style that Big Convoy offers. Too bad. I was looking forward to him.

And do I really have to say why I dislike Thunderblast? Dude, she doesn't even transform. You wad her up into a ball and close the boat hull around her. Her feet barely reach the ground, that backpack is so big. There's absolutely nothing I can do with her.

So, um, yeah. Hello whiplash, what with Cybertron having been so pleasant until this wave. Oh well. The sad thing is that since we've reached Christmas, we probably won't get any new waves until March...
Posted December 10, 2005 at 1:58 am
Just got back from watching Narnia. Aslan rocks. He's all like RARR.

If you're reading this blog on, it's buried in an ugly and disgusting iframe. You know, with the scrolly bars. That sucks! I've been trying to get some wacky sort of coding set up to implant the LJ directly into my site, but that requires Stuff. My roommate Steve-o has been scripting it forever, and I think it needs some PPS or CSI or USA or whatever on the server end to fix it, and the fixings on that end have been sorta on the back burner for months, and I've gotten all sorts of helps and suggestions, but none that achieve everything that I want it to.

(Most important -- I want the ability to post replies directly to the blog as seen from the front page.)

Kris Straub has pointed out that I could just reconfigure my existing account to paste onto this page, i-frameless, and accomplish all that. Thing is, there are over 300 of you who have this LJ on your friends list. That's a good freakin' chunk of people who I don't want to abandon. Also, Steve worked very hard on what he got accomplished with the LJ coding. It would be mean to dump it!

So, um, basically, tell me what to do. I am your bitch.
Posted December 6, 2005 at 2:28 am
When my truck died two weeks ago, I wasn't only on my way to Kinko's. I was also on my way to deliver some original art to a local reader who had bought it. Mum was the word at the time, though, because it was a surprise gift. But cat's out of the bag now, so check it out.
Posted December 5, 2005 at 7:20 pm
Hey, remember when Chris Crosby started Sore Thumbs, a liberal-yet-insulting-to-both-sides political strip with a pink-haired commie?

Well, apparently Carson Fire has quit Elf Life to do Winger, a conservative-yet-insulting-to-both-sides political strip with a pink-haired commie.

Carson Fire is brilliant. Any mortal man would have created a real comic that dealt with issues even-handedly and realistically, without satire that paints so broad it doesn't depict anything possibly relevant to anyone. No, he's going for the more subversive. He's telling us, by providing a true counterpoint to Sore Thumbs, that political debate has become too polarized to matter to us anymore. He's telling us that it's not that one of us is liberal and the other is conservative, but that it's that we're flaming retards, with views so exaggerated and reactionary that the severity of our individual bias removes us from reality.

Good show, Carson. Good show. Others may not get you, but I do. I do.