Posted November 7, 2010 at 12:50 am

So, like, I already knew this Bill Spencer guy was awesome because once upon a time he custom-built models of Nightbeat and Hot Shot's car modes. So he was definitely on my rader. (He also likes Batmobiles!)

But he showed up to New England Webcomics Weekend (NEWW) today with probably the best thing ever. He made me a Gardening Batman out of the old Kenner New Batman Adventures figure. It has a hat and a shovel and a potted plant. The whole damn thing is repainted, too, because that's just how hardcore he is.

Seriously. Like, holy crap. And I got so many friggin' compliments on him today. He is a hit. I have to, like, build a shrine to this thing or something. Dude.

I have dozens of other photos from Saturday to show you, but I want to make sure I give proper attention to this first.  I'll try to get those other photos up tomorrow if I can.  Lots of great commissions!