Posted September 18, 2014 at 12:01 am

I think for this review of Thrilling 30 Jetfire (2014) a pair of columns of pros and cons versus Classics Jetfire (2006) will suffice.

Ways T30 Jetfire is worse than Classics Jetfire:

  1. Retail price is twice as much
  2. Booster rocket backpack doesn't fold out into over-shoulder guns
  3. Jet cockpit doesn't become robot chest mode cockpit
  4. Only one missile launcher (versus two)
  5. Lots of empty gaps in limbs as a result of saving on number of parts
  6. Red chrome dye is already flaking off

Ways T30 Jetfire is better than Classics Jetfire

  1. Toy size is twice as large
  2. Booster rocket backpack can rotate 360 degrees
  3. Booster rocket backpack's jets are articulated
  4. More armor pieces
  5. Armor pieces can combine to form super weapon with rifle
  6. Mask looks better than Classics helmet
  7. Mask can stow on rifle when not being worn (albeit goofily)
  8. Better robot mode proportions and articulation
  9. Jet mode is massively better
  10. Not old enough yet to be yellowed hunk of shit