Posted April 27, 2011 at 10:14 pm

At this writing, there's fewer than 23 hours left to preorder/pledge for Shortpacked! Book 4!   If you want to make sure you get a sketched-in book or a chance at some unique swag, this is your last chance.  Don't miss out!

Also, I've just put in for an Artist Alley table at BotCon this summer.  So look for me there!  At least, look for me there when there's not an interesting panel or it's lunch or something.  I'll be bringing Dinobot posters and some other interesting new goodies.

HEY DUDES! Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, the best webcomic you are or are not reading, now has a book!  You may remember SMBC as the fantastic webcomic that pulled off this amazing feat, re: gayness.   As for its book, you should totally get one.  And then put it right next to your eventual SP! Book 4, like they're making out.

That's right. Both our books are dudes.