Posted April 9, 2010 at 2:00 am
Shortpacked!: Decisions.

Hot damn, I lucked out.  You know how I was just one Thrustor shy of having every single use of the original Dinobot mold?  Well, I gave up looking for him for a while while trying to conserve cash, and then just the other day I looked him up again on a whim.   $25 boxed on Amazon!  Holy cow, that's less than what I paid for him in 1999 or whatever.  (And stupidly sold him.) 

And he arrived today. 

And I have so many Dinobots.  

(Well, they're not all Dinobots.  Some are Grimlocks.  And there's a Thrustor and Dinotron and Hardhead.) 

Man,  Hasbro and Takara sure loved this mold.

I'll get some better pictures of him for you later!  Thrustor is, really, the best of all of them.  He deserves your attention, though at a later time.