Posted July 2, 2023 at 12:03 am

Amazon has an exclusive Transformers subline this year (called a "capsule" by Industry Insiders and also toy nerds) that's got some pretty inside-baseball stuff!  We don't know about most of the line officially yet, but the first two sets of toys are starting to ship from Hasbro Pulse.

The first to get to me is the Senator Shockwave and Data Clerk Orion Pax two-pack!  Yeah, that's right, before he was a one-eyed gun-armed logic lord, before he was cosplaying as a centaur, and before he was a one-eyed gun-armed logic lord again, he was just a regular-ass senator on pre-war Cybertron.  But (spoilers!) he ran afoul of the deep state or whatever and they punished him as an example by setting his brain to Logic Always All The Time and removing his face and a hand.  Would Hasbro ever make a toy of Shockwave from before he looked anything like Shockwave?  Apparently they would!

Senator Shockwave is a retooled (called "a partial" by Industry Insiders and also toy nerds) Siege Seeker/Starscream, with his shellformering wings removed and replaced with a pair of boxy thrusters.  Also he's got a new head (obviously), a new chest panel, and new little wings to plug into his arms.  The changes do help evoke Senator Shockwave pretty well, but there's a style clash between his rounded new parts and the boxy Siege robot they retooled him from.  He's no longer a shellformer, though, so that's pretty cool!

Data Clerk Orion Pax is a retool of Seige Hound into an early IDW Orion Pax design by Guido Guidi that was sort of the basis for the Thrilling 30 Orion Pax of... ten years ago.  Dang, I'm old.  That Orion Pax design was partially inspired by Don Figueroa's Stormbringer pre-Earth Optimus Prime design, and so through a happy little accident the toy also looks like pre-Earth IDW Orion Pax.  I mean, a little.  He's smaller and doesn't have the little double-barreled guns on his forearms and he doesn't have a mouth, but there's a correlation there.  

The set also de-cops IDW Orion Pax, because, yeah, in that version of the story, Optimus Prime started out as a police officer who eventually realized... hey, this is a corrupt system I'm working for!  Instead, this set establishes Orion Pax as his Aligned/Transformers Prime pre-war occupation, that of a data clerk.  

Anyway, this Hound-derived Orion Pax has a bunch of new parts (chest, head, windshield, feet, shins) and comes with an axe and Hound's rifle and "spare tire" piece.  Pax transforms the same way as Hound did, so he's not like Senator Shockwave's escape from land.

A NOTE: If you order this from Amazon, they seem to have mixed up the Shockwave/Pax and the corresponding Ratbat/Megatron sets?  The item numbers and prices are switched, and folks who ordered Shockwave/Pax from Amazon are receiving Ratbat/Megatron instead?  So, uh, look out for that.  I mean, if you order both, you'll be fine, but if you only wanted one set, there might be some imminent returning about to happen.