Posted August 18, 2013 at 1:33 am

I really really like Beast Hunters Prowl's robot mode! �And since it comes packaged in it, you can just leave it in robot mode forever and never transform it. �In fact, I recommend that! �Heartily!

There were two reasons why I bothered transforming him. �One, I figured I might need a photograph of his car mode for this blog. �And two, I forgot how much I hated transforming the Smokescreen version of this toy. �Oh, man. �It is really the worst. �You get the legs transformed, and you sort of get the doors in place, and then the rest of the process is about 45 minutes of trying to get his arms and the piles of car panels on them to line up with the rest of everything. �He's like if Beast Wars Neo had cars. �...or, right, that's what Car Robots was, never mind.

But that robot mode! �I love it! �Smokescreen is retooled to have the Prowl head design from Transformers Universe, the online game that used to be an interesting-sounding game until they removed all the things from it anybody would possibly want or were excited about and also will never ever come out ever at this rate I'm pretty sure. �Did you know we "reserved" our in-game names about 30 months ago? �It was coming out in a few months then. �It's always coming out "in a few months," in perpetuity. � It's been coming out soon since Transformers Prime began, but now TF Prime is over, so OH WELL. � But Prowl's a really nice design, and so I'm glad it's become plastic. �The paint applications try to approximate the design as well, best it can. �But the result, regardless, is something I really like.

He's a G1y Prowl in a TF Prime animation style with hints of the TF Animated version of the character, particularly the unified eye-shades. � And boy does his light piping work. �Oh and they dropped the Beast Hunters net and armor that came with the Smokescreen version. �He's only got the missile launcher. �The only thing he's really missing is the "Justice Hammer" the Cyberverse version of Prowl comes with, because, come on, JUSTICE HAMMER.

He's just classy.

Just forget he's a Transformer, please.