Posted July 9, 2012 at 2:01 am
Hey, look, it's a Shortpacked! comic I drew myself!

On Tuesday the wife and I are flying out to San Diego for this thing called a "Comic-Con." I will be there at a table! It'll be the table next to Blind Ferret somewhere in the Webcomics Pavilion or whatever it's called, presumably in aisle 1300ish as always. Maybe I should look this up. Yeah, 1330....ish. Well, I narrowed it down to the tens column. If you see Joel Watson and I in the middle of a weird sex tryst, then you're in the right spot. Comic-Con is exhausting and I don't like thinking about it. BUT I WILL HAVE BOOKS FOR YOU. Not any new books. Those are still in Hong Kong. But the old books! (Though if one of my shipments didn't get lost in the mail, I'll have the very last handful of first-printing SP! Book 1s.) Also some, uh, pin-up postcards. There is some partial nudity involved. And, of course, my Dinobot/Waspinator/Megatron posters and whatnot. Over the course of this coming week I will evolve from how I draw myself to how Josh Lesnick draws himself.