Guest strip by T Campbell, Phil Kahn, and John Waltrip
Posted July 6, 2012 at 2:01 am
Before Ohio lost electricity during its Half-Hour Fake Hurricane, I was already planning on driving home for July Fourth to see the Fams (tm), including my brother's new daughter who is six months old. And so without power, we just left early, because, dude, why the hell not. They probably have power in Indiana, right? I returned home this evening to power! Huzzah! But here is one last guest strip anyway, because, dude, this week sucked. I have to be in San Diego starting this Tuesday for Worst/Best Week Ever! And now I am behind for preparing for that as well! Woof. Today's guest strip is written by T Campbell and Phil Kahn and illustrated by John Waltrip. These folks do so much stuff it may be easier to list which comics they have not worked on, but at the center of the T/Phil/John Venn Diagram isGuilded Age, a fantasy webcomic about ages and the guilding thereof.