Posted June 3, 2011 at 2:01 am
As BotCon's guest list was being announced day-by-day, I considered putting a print together of all their characters so folks could buy it and get it signed by everybody. A shrewed plan, right? And, hey, Stan Bush is going to be there (again), so they can all be rocking out. And so day by day, all these guests are announced, and the guests DO NOT STOP BEING ANNOUNCED. I stopped working on this thing once it became apparent to me that there's no way I'm gonna be able to fit everybody on here. There was a point in time I thought maybe I'd just draw the G.I. Joe characters of some actors into the audience to fit them in all efficient-like, but, ha, no, then we learn that we're getting a whole slew of Transformers Prime people, too! This thing suddenly became impossible. So in lieu of a real Friday strip, as I am cramming to get out the door for the convention, here's a look at what might have been. I am sorry. Hey, Wednesday's strip was kind of like two strips smushed into one, right? But never fear. A real strip is already uploaded for Monday, and it is ridiculous.
Tags: art, botcon