Posted September 22, 2010 at 1:43 am
I won't have anything new toy-wise to talk about until about Thursday night, if this UPS tracking remains correct, so we'll just have to fill the emptiness with promises of future things to talk about.

Check out the cover of the next Transformers Collectors' Club magazine.  Generations Wreck-Gar is coming!  (Oh, and Perceptor truck, I guess, but meh!)  And check out the pegs under his crotch and the matching peg holes on his motorcycle seat.  If you get more than one, he can ride himself.  I dig the asymmetric stuff going on with his body, plus how they managed to update him while harkening back to the original.  He still rocks the facial hair, plus they kept his gun-tits!  Hooray!

Oh, and the second Recordicons strip should be inside!  Woooo!