Posted June 11, 2011 at 1:10 pm
"Me am Toxitron! Big Hero Autobot guy!" (actual quote)

One of BotCon 2011's add-on sets included Toxitron.  I'm sure most of you are asking, WHO THE HELL IS TOXITRON??  Well, until last weekend, nobody, really.  He is technically a new character.  However, he's one that has his roots.

See, years ago, there was a BotCon panel hosted by Rik Alvarez that showed various Transformers rarities.  One of them was a potential Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime redeco in purple, gray, and green named "Toxitron."  A few BotCons later Toxitron was on display at the Hasbro Tour.  And so Toxitron, a guy who was never released, and a guy we'd never really know about otherwise, had built up a tiny bit of infamy.

So, hey, guess what.  Here's Animated Toxitron.  The concept of Toxitron fits pretty well into the sometimes (and thankfully) goofy Animated universe.  Toxitron's a tongue-in-cheek parody of Bizarro Superman, speech-pattern and all.  He's a not-so-good clone of Optimus Prime.  He drives backwards.  He's super-strong but not so smart.

This is technically the back of his vehicle mode, given how he drives.

And, yeah, he's a sickly green, purple, and gray.

I think my favorite aspect of him is the dripping orange splotches all over him.  There's some on the nozzle of his cannon, too, implying that the orange goop is something he also shoots, not just perspires.  (The gun, by the way, is a functioning water squirter.  Are he and Motor Master the only BotCon toys with water squirters?)

Who can't love Toxitron?  Nobody, that's who!