Posted May 23, 2010 at 9:10 pm
Ahahahaha.  I'd never tried using MattyCollector to get anything He-Man before Optikk, since until last Monday I only cared about things from DC or Ghostbusters.  This was to my credit, as I am a being who is filled enough already with hate.  I don't need any more!

About five minutes before noon, up pops the "don't refresh, you're in a queue" page.  This page is bullshit.  It will only keep the people who read it and follow its instructions from getting access to the website.  While you heed its words to not refresh and be a good little boy, all of the smarter people are refreshing and getting the shit you're waiting for.

And sometimes the refresh page doesn't even work.

My refresh page was still refreshing, like clockwork, every three seconds... the next day.  It never went to the website proper, even long after Optikk was sold out.  It was broken. is broken, as a rule.  But it works well enough that Mattel can get their money, so oh well.  Deal with it, dorks.  (Doesn't that sound familiar.)

Me, I'm lucky enough to have folks willing to help me out, and so I have an Optikk on the way, despite being robbed of one like most other people were.

(And, heh, for those of you wondering, it's actually the word "buggy" that's being censored in today's strip, but feel free to substitute your favorite curse in its place.)