Posted October 12, 2005 at 2:30 am
So we were checking out one of the local Tuesday Morning stores for cheap-ass clearance toys, like $8 Transformers reissues. (Man, and to think Stepper/Ricochet used to go for hundreds of dollars on eBay back when he was an obscure Japanese exclusive. Eight bucks! Take that, secondary market!) And Steve-o wanted to drop by the Asian supermarket that was in the same strip mall.

I was already prepared to pick up some KOALA NO MARCH chocolate-filled cookie marsupials when I stumbled upon MEN'S POCKY. Dude. Pocky. For MEN. Now, that's the kind of stuff my hairy man-chest demands. This market need was FILLED.

None of that sissy Pocky from now on. Just the man stuff for me.