Posted August 23, 2012 at 12:31 am

Whee, my Aquagirl/Static/Micron set arrived in the mail today!  Not only are there no Batmen or Supermen in this three-pack, but there are, amazingly, absolutely no white dudes in it.  This is actually a set of two black guys and the Little Mermaid.  Obama's America, folks.

The big draw here, obviously, is Future Static.  Seriously, eff yeah, man.

Aquagirl would be a closer second if she didn't look weird or have unpainted sculpted Justice Lord Wonder Woman high heels because she's supposed to be barefoot.  She's a great companion to Hawkgirl and her flesh belt.  I have a rubber band wrapped around her ankles because her legs came all warped.

Micron's okay.

This leaves us with only Green Lantern and Future Barda as the only members without toys.  S'too bad.  Green Lantern would be an entirely new sculpt, though, so I can see why he was avoided.  Barda... is probably a just new head on the standard female body?  But since this is the Last Of The Last of JLU, they obviously ain't happening.