Posted November 19, 2005 at 3:15 am
'Cuz, dude, Harry Potter continues to steal my looks. A theft has occurred. First it was the glasses and the hair and the boyish face, but now he's wearing a goddamn hoodie. Watching the new movie tonight was like looking into a freakin' mirror. Pretty soon he'll be making poop jokes and building a Hot Shot shrine. You mark my words.

Also, damn have the CGI floodgates opened. There was FOUR previews for CGI-animated cartoon movies. Four. At least they were shown in order of increasing quality. The first one was so bad I don't think normal people would let it on television -- something about Little Red Riding Hood or whatever. The one about the house that eats people was somewhat better. The one with the penguins was cute, but pointless. And "Over the Hedge" finally had the feature-film level quality I expect.

I'm somewhat glad. At least three of these piles of crap are going to fail, and then movie executives will stop thinking that CGI movie = guaranteed box office gold. Maybe they'll do some cel again. Y'know, when they realize it's about story, not medium.

(Of course they won't.)

God, I'm turning into a bitter old coot.

*shakes fist*

Get off my lawn!