Posted May 6, 2012 at 12:50 am
Woo, Overlord!  ...well, "Gigatron," for trademark reasons.  "Gigatron" was what Overlord was called in America when he was sold as a "Heroes of Cybertron" PVC figure a decade ago, so when Hasbro still can't use "Overlord," that's still the obvious substitute.

I was excited for Overlord because I didn't have an Overlord.   He was a very large and very expensive double Powermaster guy that was sold in Japan and Europe but not here.  I was pretty apathetic to him until he starred in "Last Stand of the Wreckers," and that sure didn't hurt his toy's street value, no.  But now I have this one, which is Bludgeon with a new head.  And oh how he's Bludgeon with a new head.  It's kind of hard to miss it.  Bludgeon's new toy was so very Bludgeon, you see.  Like, all of him, from head to toe.  Replacing his head doesn't really hide the Bludgeonyness.

But I'll deal.  The Bludgeon toy itself is pretty damn amazing, and I have sung its praises, so regardless of its appropriateness, it's nice to have a character I like as a toy I like.  There are a few things I am careful with, though.  I'm actually on my second Bludgeon, since I broke my first one's hand by trying to put the sword in there.  So I am probably not going to be doing that with Overlord very much.  I can't go down to the store and get another of him for $20.  Also, when you transform him, his nose kinda grazes the inside of his own chest.  I've already dabbed his nostrils with a silver Sharpie marker to cover up where I rubbed off some paint.  Thank goodness his face color is silver.