Posted May 28, 2010 at 2:01 am

If you've been wondering where this week's strips have come from, this should be an informative video!

Wednesday's strip was so hella long because cutting up the action into a week's worth of updates wouldn't have felt like it was in the spirit of the source material.  Dinobot tearing through everyone takes up maybe 30 seconds, tops, and it's a dense 30 seconds.  So I decided to pile it all into one strip so it kept the same feel.  Action sequences are kinda dumb when metered out six panels at a time, anyhow.  You lose all the excitement.

At any rate, hope you enjoyed my tribute to Dinobot.  There's a short epilogue on Monday, and then we'll be back to the usual in the days thereafter.  I promise Ghostbusters, Batman, Mario, Optimus Prime and even Superstar Funana!

Today is the last day of the Hall of Fame voting.  Throw one more Dinobot vote onto the pile, would you?