Posted May 19, 2016 at 5:30 am

While I enjoyed the absurdity of Combiner Wars Cyclonus being a combiner torso for a giant Galvatron robot, there were a few things I disliked about the execution.  He was made by heavily resculpting Silverbolt, meaning the toy works from a foundation of a pretty stiff-looking robot.  Additionally, his reddish-purple -- nay, magenta -- color turned me off a little.  But he was rightfully huge enough to be Cyclonus, particularly for my More Than Meets The Eye shelf, and so I ignored these perceived flaws.

Unite Warriors Cyclonus fixes one of these problems!  TakaraTomy's extravagant redeco of that toy tosses out the magenta and returns to a more desaturated yet metallic lavender.  Indeed, TakaraTomy does their best to duplicate the colors Cyclonus has in the cartoon, and so their Cyclonus has a buttload of paint.  What's not paint is sparkly-fleck metallic plastic, and so he's kind of surprisingly pretty.  He's not exactly More Than Meets The Eye colors, but this is closer in many more ways than it departs.  

And what was already a great spaceship mode is moreso now, thanks to the hue shift and extra paint detail.  You wanna fly him around and make wooosh noises rather than use him to calibrate your CGA monitor.

The deco on the parts of Cyclonus that become the combiner Galvatron super robot guy is interesting to me as well, but I'll save talk of that for a later blogpost.