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Posted July 27, 2017 at 4:30 am

I've got a Trypticon!  He's a big Trypticon, unlike the tiny Legends of Cybertron class Trypticon I've had for a decade, and even bigger than the original Trypticon I got last year when it was reissued.  We found out about this new Titan Class Trypticon like the day before my original Trypticon reissue arrived in the mail, and I don't regret it.  He's Trypticon.  He's a very large robot dinosaur and/or kaiju.  There should be more of him.

Trypticon is definitely of the "original design with knees" school of design most Transformers seem to graduate from these days.  He's essentially a bigger version of the original.  But with articulation.  And no electronic walking gimmick.  There are some improvements, though, like how there are fewer.... pieces.  Trypticon stays whole when he changes from dinosaur to spaceship to city, instead of having to rip some smaller parts off him and move them around.  The only part that really comes off is his separate little race car guy, Full-Tilt.  And this makes sense because, you know, he's a separate little race car guy.

That I said "from dinosaur to SPACESHIP to city" is a clue at another improvement.  Trypticon's third mode used to be a battlestation instead of a spaceship.  But, honestly, battlestation versus city is not a very large distinction.  And so now he has a new spaceship mode, which looks very much like his original battlestation-like mode with tiny wings attached, which we've decided is the Nemesis.  

Also, like, you can put little Titan Master guys in his mouth and they dump into his tummy.  Or out of his tummy, if you have his tummy hatch open.  Food spills out of his maw like Cookie Monster.  This is an excellent addition.

Some problems!

1) Full-Tilt is pretty heavy, as he's a full Deluxe-Class-sized toy, and the weight of him kind of pulls Trypticon's tummy hatch open constantly.  Is there a way to secure this better?  I dunno.  

2) Some people have reported that Trypticon's leg springs are so tight that they destroy the legs if you try to move them at the hip.  Mine does not have this problem, but it's something to look out for, just in case.  Apparently you need to screw open his hips and snip the giant-ass spring inside to lower the pressure.

3) WHY STICKERS, WHY.   I mean, I could see if they were GOOD stickers, but the thinner-than-paper foil stickers that Trypticon comes with are... not good stickers.  And they're incredibly difficult to place without error, because, like, they're constantly staticky and want to jump to the wrong place, and because they're so thin you can't actually remove them once they're placed because they will tear or crumble instead.  Also, sometimes the stickers aren't fully cut from the sheet!  Hooray!  WHY, WHY IS THIS A THING, WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE PAINT, OR AT LEAST QUALITY STICKERS THAT ARE NOT SHITTY, STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS GIJOE, THE WORST PART OF GIJOE WAS THE SHITTY STICKERS

All that said and swept under the rug while we whistle, this Trypticon is easily the best of the three big Titan Class city/battlestation guys we've gotten so far.  Both Metroplex and Fort Max are fine, sure, but neither of them transform into friggin' dinosaurs, and that's kind of a huge mark in Trypticon's favor.  And being a spaceship instead of a city is a huge plus, too.  Three solid modes, all distinct from the other.  And one of them's a friggin' dinosaur.

Posted February 3, 2012 at 9:34 pm
This second Windcharger is SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS.

I got some United toys today from Japan!  One of them was Windcharger versus Wipe-Out.  I already have a Windcharger, so the United one went immediately on eBay.  Go bid on him!  I kept the Reveal the Shield one I already had 'cuz I like rub signs.  Bidding started at $5 and the auction lasts five days.

Wipe-Out was the real prize!  He's so awesome I'd buy Windcharger twice.  I talked about Wipe-Out's origins in a previous blog post, which is totally linked right here.  Suffice to say, he was a character made up for the Marvel stories.  Why Japan-the-land-of-no-Marvel-Transformers-comics is doing him I have no idea, but I'm incredibly grateful all the same.

It may amaze you, but Wipe-Out is Windcharger in black and blue.  To my eye he has two fewer paint apps than Windcharger, missing the paint around his grill and the vent on his hood.  (Neither of those are necessary here, so I don't miss them or anything.) Instead of the flat black painted windows Windcharger has, Wipe-Out has glittery blue painted windows which look very nice.

But mostly I'm stoked that this is a friggin' Wipe-Out toy.  And suddenly I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed an original Trypticon.  Man, Metroplex got reissued, so I demand Trypticon be next.   It's kind of weird having Wipe-Out be sycophantic to some dude that's shorter than him.
Posted October 13, 2011 at 12:38 am
YOU get a toy! And YOU get a toy! EVERYBODY GETS A TOY!

Within the past couple days, TakaraTomy, the folks who do Transformers over in Japan, have been doing crazy, crazy things.  Crazy things that I love.  Let me list you toys that we are getting early next year:


"Enemy" was what some Hasbro licensee called their Rumble's-head-shaped electronic voice changer back in the 80s.  It was red,  unlike Rumble or Frenzy, which was also the color of Rumble/Frenzy's toy back in pre-Transformers Microchange.  We are getting that toy in red as Enemy.


Wingthing was Soundwave's Action Master partner.  He transformed from a bat to a gun.  Now he's going to be a redeco of Ratbat, just like Animated Wingthing was.


Nightstalker was a Micro-Cassette kitty similar to Ravage that featured only in a Marvel UK text story.  He was likely based on a contest design that a British kid submitted to the magazine.  He is now going to be a redeco of Steeljaw in Ravage colors.

This made-up guy gets a toy!


Wipe-Out was Trypticon's little sycophantic buddy in one issue of the American Marvel comics.  Until now, he was a toyless character, visually based on Tailgate's toy.  He's going to be a redeco of Windcharger, who in G1 shared some tooling with Tailgate.


Stripes was a Mini-Cassette of Blaster's that was only mentioned in an early draft of The Transformers: The Movie.  He's going to be a redeco of Ravage as a tiger.  This is absolutely as obscure as one can get, even counting the UK text story cat and the guy who was just a head.

Seriously, you guys.  Whatever it is TakaraTomy's smoking over there, I want them to keep at it.  I'm rapidly running out of hypothetical Transformers holy grails.  I really think Stripes is absolutely untoppable when it comes to obscurity.  I mean, to get more obscure than him you'd have to start referencing Transformers fanfiction.

Pardon me, geekspasming out over here.
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