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Posted August 14, 2012 at 3:48 am

I'm a toy collector, but Scooby Doo merchandise isn't exactly my area of expertise, you know?  But I learned there were Scooby Doo toys with sculpts based on the Mystery Inc iteration of the franchise, with its Derrick Wyatt-y goodness, and I decided I must have  a Velma.   There are lots of Scooby Doo five-pack box sets of the principle characters, but the small pictures on eBay make it hard to discern the sculpts I want from the "classic" sculpts which have been around a lot longer.  (Also, it makes it harder to tell if their paint is good.)  It's not like you can just look for the box with "Mystery Inc" on the front.  No, they're all still in "classic" Scooby packaging.  Kinda  a stealth release, I'm guessing.  But I narrowed one down, rolled the dice, and eventually got one in the mail.

Now, while the sculpts themselves are Mystery Inc based, the paint jobs definitely ain't!  Usually this is fine.  But the eyes!  Lord no.  These are not Mystery Inc Velma's eyes.  They are original Velma's eyes, tampographed onto the new design.  THIS IS INTOLERABLE.

So I fix.  With paint.

The problem is shared among the other toys.  Derrick Wyatt doesn't include the whites of the eyes in his Scooby Doo Mystery Inc character models, but they're all painted otherwise in the set.  But I really only care about Velma, so, meh.  Dunno if I'll fix the others.   It'd take more work than is desirable to scrub the eyes off Fred just to repaint them.  And I haven't even removed anyone else from the box yet.  But we'll see.

(I also went over Velma's hair with my own brown because some of the paint was uneven and I didn't like seeing the skin-colored plastic poking through.  It looks kind of uneven in the photograph, but in person it's much more lovely.)

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