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Posted January 10, 2013 at 12:14 am
The last of the Justice League Unlimited three-packs went up last month, and with that I think the JLU toyline is actually over this time, no take-backsies!  And it's not a bad set to go out on, either, as it's got Toyman, Firefly, and Dr. Destiny.  Dr. Destiny is a guy I've wanted forever because his episode rules.  Also, he's the only supervillain who's ever been defeated by Batman singing "Frère Jacques," which is apparently played on Gotham radio stations.  Also also, he's basically Skeletor.

Firefly's not a bad guy to have, either.  He, um, sets things on fire sometimes.  He coasts by on being a Batman villain.

But everyone's draw to this set seems to be Toyman, for obvious reasons.  The DCAU Toyman design is one of those great makeovers that I really think should have caught on in the comics long-term.  (I guess at some point there was Toyboy, who looks to play on those same visuals.)  There's something inherently creepy in DCAU Toyman that some old dude in glasses and a giant bowtie doesn't manage.  It was one of many things that Superman: The Animated Series got amazingly right.

He also finishes up my Superman Revenge Squad, who showed up in the opening act of "Hereafter," aka The One Where Superman Dies But Really He Goes To The Future And Meets Vandal Savage, aka one of the best hours of television of all time, thank you Dwayne McDuffie.  I rewatched "Hereafter" this evening before writing this, and Toyman's inclusion caused something to pop out at me.  I have all of the superhero/supervillains in this episode now except one:  Volcana.  Her three-pack never really reached many stores, and so she's always been super rare, and then Mattel promised she'd hit stores again in a single pack but then she never did and now she costs $300 on eBay.  Man, I remember when she cost $30 on eBay.  Geez, I was stupid.

And now I don't have anybody to make my Firefly feel subtextually sexually inadequate.

Ah well.  Toyman.  He's good!  He's an entirely new sculpt, obviously, which is why it took so long to get to him.  I remember Mattel saying it was either him or Granny Goodness, and I think they chose well.  All of Mattel's new JLU sculpts are great, and Toyman is no exception.

So, hey.  JLU is over now, for reals.

Dammit, I was putting off setting up my huge display until I was done.  So now I have to do it.  This is gonna suck.
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