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Posted April 24, 2011 at 2:56 am

I've reached my target pledge amount for Shortpacked! Book 4, but thought I'd throw out one more reminder before the pledge/preorder countdown reaches its end in five days.  If you don't want to just pick up a book later and want to pick up a sketched-and-signed book or some original art pages, there's still those five days remaining!

There has been a casualty in all this, however.  Stupid Book 4 preorders had to go up at the same time as preorders for Patch Together's Ethan statue!  I'd basically completely forgotten about it, and since pimping the book was way more important to me, like, financially and all, I kind of ignored the poor thing in favor of ensuring Book 4 reached the target pledge.  Books are a large part of how I make my living.  Statues are fun romps on the side.  And, looking at the number of folks who've preordered one so far, man,  you can really tell I'd dropped the ball on him.

So here's some much-deserved face-time with the Ethan statue.  Gaze upon him in all his glory.  And if you want, he's there to take.

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