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Posted March 11, 2013 at 9:34 pm
Shattered Glass Slugfest is the last of the pre-existing characters in this eHobby set.  The rest of the dudes are all new to the universe.  SG Slugfest was one of the first Recordicons to get the spotlight, as he showed up in the first Shattered Glass text story, "Dungeons & Dinobots."  While regular Slugfest is dumb and really insecure about it, Shattered Glass Slugfest is dumb and pretty self-confident -- not in an arrogant way, but in an adorable way.  I picture SG Slugfest as a Transformers version of Andy from Parks & Rec, though with less talk good.

Slugfest is given two stickers to use if you wanna.  One's just a "Dinocon" label.  The other's a restraining bolt, which was used on him in his first appearance.

The toy itself is one of the more fun Mini-Cassette toys, mostly due to its spring-loaded stegosaurus plates.  Unfold the head and tail and they pop right up.  SG Slugfest's colors are kind of like Grand Slam's, but without seeing if SG Overkill is blue and gray like Raindance, it's hard to say if that was intentional or not.  (I suppose that could be up to me, considering I draw these guys.)   Slugfest's weapons were silver in the prose illustrations, like Grand Slam's, but they're copper chrome on the toy.  It makes him less like Grand Slam, but even if that were the original intention, the copper really makes him look pretty and less monochrome, so I'm totes okay with it.

I've seen some folks express worry that placing the restraining bolt sticker over the hinge joint on his neck means that it would rotate along with the joint when the toy is transformed.  For me, this hasn't been the case.  It's seemingly stayed in place.
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