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Posted November 19, 2017 at 4:01 am

There's a new Dinobot in town, and she's a velociraptor!    Say hello to Slash, the second female Dinobot (the first, Strafe, is part of the team in IDW comics right now), but the first female Dinobot with a toy.  

And you know what, I'm going to lay it all right here now.  I love this toy.  It's tiny, it's just complex enough to be interesting but simple enough you can fiddle with it back and forth, and it transforms from a robot to a velociraptor.  A Jurassic Park-style non-feathery velociraptor, but whatcha gonna do.  The other Dinobots are kind of stuck in the 80s, so Slash being stuck in the 90s is still some kind of temporal improvement.

Slash transforms essentially like Beast Wars Dinobot.  While the head folds inside the torso instead of forming the chest like Dinobot, the rest is pretty familiar.  Her robot legs fold up underneath the beast mode torso, the robot arms become the beast mode legs, and the tail folds out from behind her.  (But it does not become a rotate blade weapon.)  

With her red torso, black head, legs, and fists, and silver everything else, she fits in really well with the aesthetic of the rest of the Dinobot team.  The Dinobots desperately need a velociraptor anyway.  

You can open a compartment in her beast mode back to fit a Prime Master or Titan Master.  The Prime Master trading card she comes with is supposed to be multingual, but no matter which of the 12 random cards you receive, they're all going to be entirely English.  The same English phrases repeated four times.  Because I guess somebody didn't bother to translate the last three into Spanish, French, and Portuguese.  Whoops.

Even if you don't get the rest of this line's Dinobots, I highly recommend Slash.  She's by far the best toy in this wave of Legends, and she's just fun to transform back and forth, each mode being a happy destination.  

And nothing's covertly written on her in cybertronix by some jag who's probably not freelancing for Hasbro anymore.

Posted June 13, 2014 at 10:30 pm

Slash is a Transformers velociraptor with feathers.  *points to review title*

Yeah, some folks don't like this thing.  It has some faults.  But it's a friggin' feathered dinosaur.  *points to review title again*

I mean, he's not, like, a great feathered velociraptor, by which I mean it's not terribly accurate to what we currently think dinosaurs like that looked like (for example, the totally made-up forelimbs), but it's a damn sight more accurate than those fancied-up lizards from Jurassic Park!  I'm lookin' at you, Beast Wars Dinobot.  

Part of folk's problem with him is his limited articulation. Mind, he techgnically has full articulation, it's just shallow.  He has elbow joints that don't really do anything because of the bulk of his arms, and he has fully-functional legs if the thighs weren't so short or constantly getting in their own way.  He has a lot of stuff going on and it all wants to be going on in the same confined space.  

But other than that?  This dude is beautiful.  The dark teal and lime green are together one of my favorite color schemes to come out of Age of Extinction's toyline so far.  Part of my brain keeps suggesting that maybe he'd make a great Beast Wars Dinobot redeco, and then the rest of my brain reminds me that, dude, that'd be going from this glorious color scheme to friggin' brown.  BROWN.  That is a serious step down.  

And, again, feathered dinosaur. 

Can't understate that.

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